Kagaya Yutaka
Is a Japanese digital artist who is known for painting elaborately detailed and spectacularly colored images. His images often include elements with a luminous quality. Some of his favorite subjects are astronomy and visions of utopian worlds. His most famous works focus on three main topics: Celestial Exploring, Galactic Railroad and Starry Tales. Kagaya really likes the night sky with stars and he often uses the blue color in his work.In summer of the 2011 will come out the new images of kagaya.

Kagaya is more famous in North America than Japan, mainly because he has an occidental style. He only uses occidental women (who can speak only a little Japanese) as his models because they are taller than average Japanese women.

Kagaya released a DVD on February 23 2007, called Fantasy Railroad in the Stars , with Kenji Miyazawa. The DVD features the story of a boy dreaming of travelling by train through the Milky Way. The story is narrated by Kuwashima Houko, a famous Japanese seiyuu.

Kagaya also had an exhibition of his works in Canada. In 2008, he did an exhibition in South Korea.

Takaki art
Like Kagaya , Takaki is a artisc whit paint and does beautiful images.

In the images appears a angel and two bird.Is beautiful! The images transmitted tranquility and joy.

Shu art
Like Kagaya and Takaki is the artics of paint.

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