Amazing pictures,Optical illusions,etc

Optical Illusions

This First Optical illusion is really neat it looks all blurry but look closely the lines are perfectly straight.

Is this a square? Although it appears that the square's sides bend inwards, they are actually straight lines!

Which way is the wheel turning!? Focus on the red dots and follow them round... it appears to be rotating anti-clockwise. However, if you follow the yellow dots round instead, the whole wheel will be turning the other way! - clockwise!

In This Picture there is a Mother praying with her son,can you see them?

This Here isnt an optical illusion its a picture with a bunch of cofee beans in the coffe beans theres a man's face, can you find the mans face?

There Is A baby hidden in the picture, can you find the baby.

Can U see What is Wrong with this Cube?

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