My Art!

Hey guys! It's Rhetta! I decided that I should post some of my art online since I don't have a DeviantArt account. You guys can comment in the visitor center, tell me what you think. Don't be harsh, I know it's not the best but it's my art and I'm proud of it. Zank qu! (thank you :p come on people!!)

If you guys don't know, IFRIKENLOVEINVADERZIM!!!!!!!!!! *Ahem* So there will be a lot of Zim pictures.

I drew this inspired by Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson books. I love him to death. Ha ha, death get it? No? Okay...

Ok I was going to make an animation out of this. A blink animation. But I got lazy and decided not to.

I love this picture! I actually drew it a few days ago and it cracks me up every time I see it and set it as my desktop background. I really and honestly don't know what kind of bird it is. It could be an ostrich, emu, goose, or a duck, I really don't know... 0.o

Plazma is my OC or original character. He is also a psychotic killer. Cheery, eh? e.o

This cat's name is Stella. She is also one of my OC's and probably my favorite. She is insane and occasionally kills cats. The lyrics belong to the song iNSaNiTY by the Vocaloids. I love that song.

Here's Stella again! I forgot to add it above, but she's not always insane. Stella's constantly fighting to keep her sanity. These are also lyrics to the song iNSaNiTY.

This is my dog Sugar. I'll post a picture of her one day. She's my best friend!

This is my first ever online picture drawn. I am very proud of it.

My spirit animal is a wolf. Every animal has its own element and meaning, also know as medicine. The wolf's element happens to be water. So, I drew a wolf of water. :)

I saw this video on Youtube of this girl (I think O.o) drawing Invader Zim characters as cats. And I go "Hey! That's cool!" Next thing you know, BOOM! Zim kitties are born! The white cat is me, the green one is Zim, the little silver one is GIR and the black one is Dib. I didn't draw Gaz because I hate her.

ERMAHGERSHILOVEYOUZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat* This is the amazing Zim out of disguise.

AWW!! He's so kawaii! (btw kawaii is the Japanese word for cute)

This is my new original character. His name is Derpycat. Sometimes I will make him say quotes, but he will almost always have the same position and face. Sometimes he will wear costumes! Yay!!

Dis is me. My theriotype is an Alaskan tundra wolf and my natural habitat is the Alaskan tundra. Put two and two together.

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