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Hello everyone! I'm Bridget, and I made this blog to show all of you how fun playtime is - for the big and small. If you are bored, just come on over! I post activities and crafts that are so much fun! From American Girl Dolls, to Super Mario Brothers - I show how much I love play time!
Scroll down and see some fun crafts - I also post some neat prices on toys, crafts - you name it. I even show what I'm going to post next!
So glad you could check me out! Keep returning to find more posts!

Have fun :)
April 22 - How to Make Sugar Rush Mountain (or any other mountain from a cartoon)

My sister and I love to make these fake mountains out of our large double-sided blanket. We love to pretend that the mountain we made is Sugar Rush Mountain, featured in the Disney movie Wreck-It-Ralph. It could be from any other cartoon or movie, too - or you can make up your own mountain name!

We made the mountain by crumpling a big blanket into the shape of a mountain. (above) The bigger the blanket, the taller the mountain! (make sure you don't make it too high - the mountain could fall down!) Crumbilena loves to climb the tall mountain - it is good practice for her racing!

Since we had extra blanket left over, we decided to make a lake. We layed out the extra blanket flat (since our blanket is double sided, we flipped the extra blanket to the other side for a different colored lake). Then we snipped and taped together paper for a long bridge that could take our racers across the lake. My sister colored it in (above) a pattern, pink and white, like a candy cane.

Then, we layed out the "bridge" across our "lake" (above). Taffyta crosses the bridge everyday to get to her friends and to start a race!

Your done! That was easy, right? Make as many mountains as you want and name them whatever you want!

Have fun :)

April 23 - How to Add Flair to Doll Hair

I love to do my doll's hair - expecially with extra accessories and up-do's! Try this fun activity that my friends and I do at school almost every day and it is really easy to do - pinwheels!!!

First, I cut small square (about 2 x 2 in.) very carefully, making sure all sides are equal. If not, your pinwhel might not turn out right.

Next, I colored the square fully with a marker. But you can use any coloring utensil you like (markers, crayons, colored pencils, eg.). I prefer marker if you want a bold pinwhel, or a crayon for a light pinwheel.

Next, I flipped to the other side of the square and colored it in fully, the same with the other side I colored in previously.

Next, I cut each corner of the square, scissors facing the middle from the corner (don't cut the corners off! Relate your scissor position to the picture - is your scissor facing the same way as the picture? If not, position it according the picture above). Remember to not cut too far - your pinwheel could fall apart!

Fold corners to the center, like a pattern - corner, skip a corner, corner, skip a corner - until you see a pinwheel!

You did it! Attach your pinwhel to a hair clip or elastic a show off your hair flair - maybe even wear it in YOUR hair!

Have fun! :)
April 24 - Classroom Decoration

Decorating your doll classroom is very fun - and easy sometimes, too! I love pretending I'm a teacher, teaching all my students, but sometimes teaching can be hard - even a play teacher is hard work! It's easy, though, to get organized. This craft is an easy and fun way to get your class where they ned to go!

First, I gathered all my materials and supplies for the project - Velcro-straps, tape/glue, scissors, and ribbon. You can get almost all of these items at a craft store!

Then, I went to my computer (if you don't have a printer, ask a parent to take you to your local library - some libraries have desk-top computers with printers! If not, you could write it on a blank sheet of paper.) and typed up 5 subjects; art, library, computer lab, music, and phys. ed. (gym). I also added recess and bathroom, too. I printed them out, cut them out, and went back online and printed a circle that said "We are Here" in big lettering. I printed and cutted the circle out, too.

After the cutting, I colored in the subjects and the circle in different colors, so the decoration will be easy to see. Some examples are hot pink, light blue, neon colors, orange, yellow, eg.

After coloring, I pasted the colored subjects onto theleft hand side of the consturction paper and pressed down, making sure they are secure. You could make them angled, straight down, patterened - any way you prefer.

I placed down the soft side of the Velcro straps on the right hand side of the construction paper, right across from the subjects and pressed down, checking if they are secure. I put one rough-sided Velcro strap on the opposite side of the "We are Here" Circle. Then, I taped ribbon to the back of the construction paper, like a hook, and viola - a door hanger!

Hang your project on the door of your classroom and remind students where you are going. If they are lost, tell them to just go back to the classroom to see where the class is!

Have fun! :)

May 22 - How to Make a Rainbow Hair Wrap for Your Doll

You know that special hair wrap your friends get when they come back from a vacation? Well, if you have ever wanted one, you have come to thge right place! I started practicing these on some dolls - and they're easy to take out. If you practice these wraps on dolls, you'll get better, then you'll be able to start doing them on humans. But only with their permission! Don't make it a surprise, some parents domn't want these on their children.

Stuff you'll need:
- hairbrush
- embroidery floss in assorted colors
- small ponytsil holder.
- scissors

How to Do It

Start woth whatever color of floss you want to have on the top of the hair wrap. Remove the label and find the floss end on the inisde of the roll. Don't use the end on top of the roll because when you pull it, the entire will tangle and that will make you very angry.
Brush the hair where you are going to apply the wrap. Pull aside a small strand of hair (about the thickness of a pencil). Hold it from the top. Take the end of the floss and hold it in place at the top of the hair.

Using your other hand, wrap the floss around the hair one time. Tie the two pieces of floss in a knot.

Begin to tightly wrap the floss around the strand of hair. Continue until you have 1 inch of the hair wrapped. Snip off the extra floss, leaving a short tail hanging down.

Switch colors and find the end of the new color. Starting where you left off, hold the end of the new color at the base of the last color. Use your other hand to wrap the new color around the old color once to keep the oled color in place. Then tie the new color to the tail from the old color, making it a knot. Continue to wrap for another inch.

Keep using different colors all the way down, wrapping each color for about 1 inch. When you reach the end of the hair, pinch the floss around the strand. Use your other hand to snip off the floss, leaving a tsil, then put a ponytail holder over the end of the wrap to secure it. Snip off any extra floss. To remove the wrap, just snip off the knot and unravel.

Next step: Hand over the floss and scissors to your friend so she can add a rainbow hair wrap to your hair!

Have fun!

June 1 - How to Make a Resturaunt

Pitstop! Your toys may need somewhere to eat if they are on the road, or just plan hungary. Don't worry, you have come to the right place. It's easy to make a table for a resturaunt!

First, connect two doll desks together (if you already have a table for your toy, you can read on to the next step), tables facing eachother. If you don't have a desk, ask an adult to cut a cardboard box into the shape of a table.

For a table cloth, cut a piece of fabric into a shape of a square, just a little bit bigger than your table. Pit it onto the table.

Your toy may also need a placemat and a plate! If you already have a paper plates and a table cloth for your dolls, like I do, that is great and you can skip this step. If you don't, cut a piece of paper into a rectangle for the placemat. For a paper plate, use a regular sized paper plate, and cut it up into the size of your toy's plate.

Next we need a menu! Take construction paper and cut it into the right size for your toy. Write down specials and special food your resturaunt on the menu.

If you have and easel, write down specials for your costumers to see. Cut foam squares for fake food. Your done!

Have fun!

Hey guys!

I'm so sorry I haven't ben posting lately. Just been SO busy lately with schoolwork and stuff. I promise I'll post more often!

When I went on my blog, I got over 200 views! Thanks for all the support! I am so grateful for everything!

BTW, I'll probably be posting more than just "toy crafts". I might even do cooking posts!

I'll post another craft soon! Bye!

- Bridget :)
September 21, 2014

Hey guys!

This craft is one of my favorites. A Rainbow Loom bracelet holder! I think this is so cool, it's a great way to keep track of all of the bracelets you have made. I took these pictures off of YouTube, so one of them has a play button on it lol.

Materials: Paper towel tube, Washi tape and/or duct tape, wooden block, hot glue gun, pencil..

Now, it's time to Washi tape your paper towel tube! (Just a little reminder, the paper towel tube should have no paper towels on it) Now, you can basically decorate this any way you'd like! Just make sure you COMPLETELY cover it, so no one suspects that it was a paper towel tube.

After decorating your paper towel tube (and making sure it is COMPLETELY covered), go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun, of course, though, with a parent/guardian. Then, place your paper towel tube on a wooden block and trace it with a pencil, so we know where to hot glue.

Now, with a parent/guardian's help, hot glue on the trace line we made. (Make sure the paper towel tube is OFF of the wooden block) Hold the paper towel tube down for a little bit of time until when you let go, it sticks! Hot glue dries fast.

Great job! You have created your own Rainbow Loom Bracelet Holder! Go ahead, put a few bracelets on, just remember that this isn't just for Rainbow Loom bracelets. You can put any kind of bracelets on it!

Thanks for sticking with me to make this craft! See you next time!

- Bridget :)

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