And lastly the Kniting! It looks hard but actually its quite easy! :)

And now for Hand sewing.... I will show you just normal sewing. Becasue there is cross sewing and alsorts!
The picture you will see is sewing stiches.

Here is what a Sewing Machine looks like.
To make fashion trends is not easy! But to actually make the clothes is even harder! There is a couple of way to make clothes so i shall tell and show! :

1. Sewing Machine
2. Hand sew --- With many ways of doing that
3. Knitting

And many more! Pictures coming up so stay Browsing! :)

This Model is modeling a simple white short cut dress with a long red coat plus red tights and some pink shoes!

Here is a modle working it out on the catwalk! She is wearing just simple black... nothing to BIG! :)
So as i was saying..... Fashion is a very werid but wonderful thing! Here are some more....Urmmm lets say normal type of fashion trends..

And one more :)

Even more werid things to see!

Fashion has had the strangest outfits ever! Feel free to browse throught the pictures and stare at the weridist ones yet! :)

Hi Im louise and i'm going to to be talking about fashion. Personally i think fashion is a wonderful way to express the way you are feeling through designs and colours!

So first of all, as fashion can be used in so many diffrent ways, I shall show some pictures of incredible designs!

Now that you have seen thoses designs, i think it will be best to tell you a bit about fashion. Fashion was first intruduced by a lady called Elizabeth Mcleod. She designed millions of outfits by the age she was 21!! She started designing in 1489 So she'd be dead by now. But she was a wonderful woman!

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