Ballet - it that feel and it that write

I excited because I opened my blog.
I talk about of dance, more especific ballet
I practice ballet, for me is beautiful and wonderful
I think that is a exelent form of body expression

Today taklk about of my inspirational person, in ambit of ballet
my inspirational person is svetlana zakharova, itīs a great ballerina,
I think that your life is very insteresting, because since she was little
has shown a great passion and interest of the ballet.
Besides is considered the ballerina more young of Russian in the 90īs.

Itīs a wonderfull ballerina

Today Iīm going to talk about Frida Kahlo, is a famous person in my country.
Her live is very angushed, because she soffered and train crash and changed
her live forever because she was all the day and many months on the bed,
so she began to paint her own art, she painted herself in many ways, an she
wanted to reflect her fisical pain, she travelled to France, and New York and
she was in favor to socialism, she death very young

today i`m going talk about Alicia Alonso, it`s a great and wondeful ballerina, my second inspirational person, I have a for she great admiration, It`s someone that never abandonment your dreams and dedicate all your life the dance.
Is a person very relevant the history of Cuba.
From 19 years old Alicia she suffered a defect of view, in one eye, so it was partilly bling.Even so to follow forward.
Dance in different presentations until about 80 years old

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