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I love 'Inuyasha'!:*
I think that it is da best show EVER!!!
And Inuyasha IS SOOO HOT, i mean who wouldn't like those CUTE little dog ears?;)
Anywayz feel free to look around! And have fun lookin' at these pics of Inuysha and his pals and enemies. :P

Sango is a demon slayer, she has a little brother(his name is Kohaku), Although Sango won't admit it, her heart is set on Miroku. She doesn't openly show that she likes him more then a friend. We do see a couple of hints that show that she likes him more then a friend. You get some hints when they are alone togeather. Sango secrety worries about him and his wind tunnel. Miroku has had feelings for Sango ever since he laid his eyes on her. He doesn't voice it but it is easy to tell by the excessive groping and spying on her when she is bathing in the hotsprings. I find that their relationship is very interesting. He gropes her and she hits him, most of the time on the head. She gets very jealous if she sees him talking to another girl. If he mentions some thing that is suggestive to another girl she will get angry at him. If he isn't right there to punish she will give him cold eyes and not talk to him when he gets back. Yet through all the groping and hitting and occational yelling, you can tell that they truly have feelings for each other.
-Pure Heart of Sango

The perverted, yet kind and compassionate monk from the Inuyasha-gumi. He's at around 18-19 years old and has a strange habit of asking every good looking women around to bear his child. His family has been cursed by Naraku, which origines his Kazaana (black void) in his right hand that once open, can suck everything around into the nothingness. Openly in love with Sango, he receives a couple of slaps from time to time for his lecherous nature.

A 15 year old girl who is the reincarnation of the famous priestess Kikyou, in the Feudal Era. She kept the Shikon no tama inside her (the jewel of the 4 souls) until one fateful day she was forced into the past by the Bone Eaters' Well and by several circunstances, the jewel was broken. Using her Miko powers and with Inuyasha's help, she will have to unite all the shards of the Shikon, in order to prevent the raising of some powerful demons, including the worse of them all: Naraku.

Son of Touga-Oh, a powerful dog Lord Youkai from the Western Lands, and Izayoi, a human woman. He's a hanyou, which means, half-breed. Being not entirely demon he switches to a human form on each new moon during the month. His father left him the Tetsaiga after his death, a powerful sword which has been said to be able to kill 100 demons with a slash. Kagome awakened him again from his 50 year old sleep against a tree, by an arrow through his heart, and now, he's in charge to find the Shikon shards again with Kagome.

A little kitsune youkai whose parents were killed. He joined Inuyasha's group to revenge his father's death and help his friends retrieve the shards back. Though he's young, he knows how to deal with Kagome's and Inuyasha's relationship, much better than the hanyou could.

The mononoke creature that helps Sango in her exterminator activities, and her pet as well. Given to the demon huntress at a very young age, this small, two-tailed cat transforms itself into a giant cat.

A Miko (priestess) from the past Feudal Japanese era who lived as one of the most powerful of her era. She owned the Shikon no tama, given to her by Midoriko, a great demon huntress, to keep it safe and pure. Inuyasha tried to steal the jewel once, and since she didn't finish him right in that second, the hanyou stayed with her. Eventually, both fell in love with each other. An incident involving Naraku forced Kikyou to shoot an arrow to Inuyasha, condemming him to eternal sleep, until her future reincarnation, Kagome Higurashi, revived him later. Soon after sealing Inuyasha, she died, burning the jewel into her body.

She was brought back to life by the witch Urasue, and she's now a walking corpse, stealing souls to survive with her Shinidama Chuu (soul finders).

The leader of the Wolf clan, a powerful and strong youkai who owns Shikon shards in his legs. He met Kagome in a fight, and fell in love with her. This makes Inuyasha furius, which causes a fight whenever he meets the group. Naraku extermined his group of wolves, so he's determined to finish the demon, followed by Ginta and Hakkaku, his wolf minions.

Sango's brother, and also a demon hunter as his sister. The first night he went to hunt with his father and sister, he was posessed by Naraku, being forced to murder his father and comrades. Sango survived, but Kohaku is still being controlled by Naraku.

In the past, this man was Onigumo, a thief who was into Kikyou's caring after a severe fire accident. He fell in love with the Miko, twisting his feelings into a sick obsession and allowing hundreds of demons to consume his body. From that demon reunion, Naraku was born with that body and appearance. He was the one who tricked Kikyou in believeing Inuyasha was stealing the Shikon, thus killing the Hanyou. With his body detachments: Kanna, Kagura, Goshinki, Kageroumaru and Juuroumaru, he tries to reign over Feudal Japan with the aid of all the shards of the Shikon no tama.

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