Yorkies Are So Cute!

This is a Female Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. She is showered in jewels and pearl necklaces. I know. I know. Yorkies are so cuuuuutttttttte!!! Oh, and to add, she is topped with a tiny tiara!

Yup, these lil' triplets are waiting to be adopted and taken care of by a wonderful owner! Want one? Or all? Well if you're thinking of just adopting one, better think again! These young female teacup triplet yorkies are one of a kind. They need to be together! Take 'em all!!!!

Awwwww!!!!! Hes so cute! This tiny one is sleeping in one's hands. I just wanna dump 'em in my coffee! (quote from Madagascar)

RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Yorkies are wild hunters! (NOT) But this one is. He's searching for someone to play with. Adopt him and he'll bring a big heap of joy into your life!!

Izzy (her name) is the smallest of them all or should I say Baby Yorkie. Nope. Izzy is. She is so cute and small that she can fit in your pocket. That's right she's called a pocket Yorkie. She's sooo cuttte!!!!

(whispering) Baby Yorkie is a rough player. That sure is right!

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Yorkies Are So Cute! (Animals)    -    Author : Savannah - USA

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