Wild About Wolves!

The Grey Wolf is an endangered species and need help coming back! It is our job to do that! People are hunting wolves for their soft fur and selling them to get money! Why would anyone do that to the prettiest animal on earth! We need to help wolves so the once again can roam freely without danger. Help save the Wolves!!!!!!!!!

This is a Grey Wolf. Grey Wolves live in North America, in Alaska and Canada, and in Eurasia,which is an area in between Asia and Europe. The live in snowy climates. There are 39 species of Grey Wolf including the Red Wolf. The are a type of canine and are a cousin of the dog. There are only 50,000 left in the world. As you can see Grey Wolves need help coming back if they want to survive and once again roam freely.

Wolves hunt in packs. They mainly eat elk, deer, and little rodents, such as rabbits and mice. When they find prey, the surround the target and attack. Then by the wolf code( scroll down) they all share the meat and get along. They stay down wind from the prey because if the wind blows and the prey smells their scent and runs off. They are fast and can catch almost anything.

Wolves have great scent, just like a dog! They can smell something really far away! They have night vision also like cats do, and that helps during the night to watch for danger. They can also hear very well. Wolves need to hear so that in case a pack member is in trouble they can hear their howl!

Wolves usually mate for life unless one of the mates dies. During birth period the father never leaves the den, which is far away from the pack. Labor only lasts one month.

Thank you so much for reading my blog about Grey Wolves. They need us more than ever! Please help these wolves!

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