Dogs: one of my favorite things

Clifford welcomes you!

Dogs are such cuties!


There are over 800 breeds of dogs all over the world, many not very common, endangered, or some extinct. There are wild dogs, and domestic dogs, who had once been wild more than 15,000 years ago. Wolves and coyotes are in the dog family, but they are wild dogs. Domestic dogs are known as a mankind's best friend for their loyalty and love. Truly, humans need the loyalty and love that dogs spread, yet humans abuse dogs more than you might think. You might have a dog at home, who was abused before you owned him. Many dogs don't get food or love, and get out on the streets with misery unless someone finds them and brings them in or takes them to an animal shelter. Fortunately, there is a fee an owner must pay for mistreating a dog, and the right to own any dog is taken away. Dogs need more care from their owner.

This is my dog, Fiona.

Name: Fiona
Nickname: Big Black Dog
Original Name: Savannah
Breed: Labradoodle (read below)
Color: Black
Height: 26 inches at the shoulders
Weight: 70 pounds
Born: October
Adopted: October 4

A Labradoodle is a mix between a Labrador and a Poodle. They can look like either, but they have some traits of the other. Labradoodles don't shed, so they must be groomed monthly. An interesting thing about Labradoodles is they have webbed feet to swim better and faster. Another fact is that they breed by having a Labrador and and a Poodle mate, instead of two Labradoodles, which is why they are rare and unknown by many people.

Dogs. It's universal.

English = dogs
Swedish = hundkapplöpning
Dutch = honden
Spanish = perros
Portuguese = cães
Italian = cani
German = Hunde
French = chiens

Here are some pics of some other dogs:

It's a Labradoodle pup! It's so cute!

"Read em' and weep, fellas."

You can never be too tough to have too many dogs!

You are probrably familar with High School Musical's Sharpay Evans, and this breed of dog is called Sharpei!

Golden Retriever puppies are the cutest things! They are simply adorable!

Dogs and ducklings.
Good friends come in small AND BIG packages.

Jessica Simpson and her dog, Daisy.

More celebrities and their dogs:

Miley Cyrus and a cute Dalmation.

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Ashley Tisdale and her dog, Blondie.

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