boxer puppies

my mom said that i can't get a dog until the middle of the year. and that stinks so when my mom went to puerto rico for 5 days( for the record she's already back) her friends mom had to stay with us and they have a dog named chompers, he's a yorkshire terrier. the one thing he loves to do is jump up on the coach and lick you in the face. and when ever your'e eating something he will stare at you even though he already ate his food. i think 2 days ago we were brushing his hair and put it in a pony tail, and then five minutes later the pony tail fell out and all of his hair was in his face.

are bunnies cute or what???????

i can't wait till halloween. i mean you get free candy by going up to people's house and saying trick or treat. that is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!

i was thinking about asking my mom if we could get a great dane but, my mom thinks that their waaaayyyy too big to keep in my small house:(. owwell at least when i'm older i can get a great dane:).

this one of my friends favorite dogs a PUG!!!!!!!!

this is one of my all time favorite games , nancy drew and the curse of blackmoor manor!!!!!!!!:)its a lot more scary than it look. if you want to watch the trailer go to then search nancy drew curse of blackmoor manor trailer. it's even better if you get the game and there are a lot more games that are my favorites its just that this one is the best ones of my favorite games that i've played

how could you not adore this cute little face???!!!!!

on youtube there are these videos by this guy his user name is arglefumph and his real name is micheal gray, and his does these walkthrough things for all the nancy drew games and there is a new game called the captive curse and nancy has to ths really old castle like thing and people there say that there is monster living in the woods and nancy finds out about the castle's past and what happened to the victums of the monster and it is pretty grosss!!!!!

i don't just like dogs i love horses too. they really cool. i use to go to a horseback riding class but then i moved , so instead i'm going to do gymastics

im hungry, im really really really hungry. i don't know why but im hungry SO GEMME FOOD NOW!!!! please :)

I really don't think that their is life on other. It would be coll if their was life on other planets. And it would be a little creapy. but cool. but it would even mmore cool if the little aliens were tiny dogs or animals about a millimeter tall.

the five things i would love to do before i'm 50 are...........
1. start an animal shelter
2. go to the George Mason University
3. get a hair cut
4. go to a horseback riding class
5. dye my hair

handling bullies can get really hard. i mean, most bullies bully because they are being bullied by somebody else. but some bullies pick on people, then pick on some, then they pick on you again. they're just like budgies they start to peep and peep then they stop then they start to peep again.

im really bored really don't know what to write about so i have a three so i can sleep in three days in a row and the first day of spring is really close sooo. im soooooooooo bored anyway write now my mom is at my grandmas house. I LOVE HY GRANDMA'S HOUSE. it is so awesome. she has all my favorite cereal, like rice crisie, frsted flakes, reese puffs,any cereal with honey clusters in it, fruity pebbles, lucky charms, cherrios. AWESOMENSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there were no such thing as electronics i would freak. it would be so hard for me to anythings. be i would go to sleep for 5 hours. then get up and go outside. then come inside eat something. then go back to sleep again. i know this might make me sound lazy, but really i would have nothing to do.

im really sleepy and idon't know what to say. becuase it's like 11:30 PM and i have nothing to do. soo i thought i would add this picture caption thingy anyway please please write some comments about my blog and stuff please. Thanks BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the one thing i'm thankful for is my grandma's old dog spud. he was my favoritest dog in the world he was so nice. and he is in all of my baby pictures too. i was so cute. any way, he was a great dog and he loved everybody.( he died when i was seven).

today is my last day in journalism class at my school( today is december 3 2010) so im going to miss mrs ingram but i could still visit her sometimes during lunch. she is the bestest journalism teacher in.........THE WWWWOOOORRRRLLLLLDDDDDDD

hey sorry i haven't been on my blog lately. so i really do have a lot to talk about. just yesterday, jan. 23 2011, was my sister's birthday how awesome is that. also i saw the movie TANGLED yesterday it is such a good movie. it was really sad. but i'm not telling anything. if you want to hear more then might as well go see the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey guess what!!!!! its snow and hailing and raining at the sametime at house it soooooooo cool. it doesn't hail, rain and snow at the sametime where live. infact it doesn't even hail here anyway.

the mail man in my neighborhood is so annoying. AND HE SMOKES. that is totally a BAD influience on kids.

i think today was the BEST day EVER. i mean really i feel like singing right now and i usually sing anyway so. that was a little weird , anyway back to what i was saying before, woke up went to school and had all my favorite class in one day. it was so awesome then i went to my friends house and ate bucket loads of chocolate and other candy.

isn't it cute when puppies are cunfused so they tilt their head over. I LOVE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT!!!!

sometimes people just make things look so tall because your so small. AND IT'S NOT NICE, NOT NICE AT ALL!!!!!

HELLO AGAIN, this may make me sound like a nerd or something but at the beginnig of the school year i asked so many questions in langauge arts class. and now the people that are my friends now thought that i was a nerd or something. which really made me feel bad but at least it was the truth. and sometimes the truth hurts, IT JUST REALLY REALLY HURTS!!!!

i wish my dog liked to listen to music and not howl everytime

i got a new agenda at school because i lost the other one in my locker somewhere and on the first page everyday in 5th period i would doodle something in it. here let me do the math

88x5=440 440/10=44
that means about 15 of the doodles are my friends and the rest are mine.

my little sister was singing this one song love like whoa, and when she was singing she said this, "it feel like it don't make sence WHAT? cause your being me in then your kickin me out again". it's way more funny when my sister says it then in writing.
l.s.p (lumpy space princess) she says a lot wierd things like
. whatever its 2009!
. oh my glob
. what the stuff
. i can be smooth
. lump off, mom
> and lots and lots of other stuff


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