Welcome to StarClan

Welcome To StarClan! Have a great time learning about the Clans! Obay the Warrior Code!

Well, Welcome to ThunderClan. Here FireStar is the leader, GrayStripe is the deputy, Dustpelt, Sandstorm,Cloudtail, Brackenfur, Thornclaw, Brightheart, Brambleclaw, Ashfur, Rainwhisker, Sootfur, and Sorreltail are Warriors. Squirrelpaw,leafpaw, Whitepaw, and Spiderpaw are Apprentices. FernCloud is the only Queen, and Goldenflower, Longtail, And Mousefur are Elders. The medicine cat is Cinderpelt.

Well, you may not be welcome here... Well, Here is ShadowClan. Here BlackStar is the leader, Russetfur is the deputy, and Littlecloud is the Medicine Cat. The warriors are Oakfur, Cedarheart, Rowanclaw, and Tawnypelt. Smokepaw and Talonpaw are the only apprentices, Tallpoppy is the only queen, and last but sorta least, Runningnose and Bolder are the Elders. Don't ever come on our territory EVER again. (Though we might come on yours...)

Welcome to our lively clan! Here LeopardStar is the leader of this Clan and Mistyfoot is the deputy. Mothwing is our medicine cat. Our Warriors are Blackclaw, Heavystep, Hawkforst, and Swallowtail. Our Queens are Mosspelt and Dawnflower. And the Apprentices are Volepaw and Stonepaw. I hope to see you later!

Hello and welcome to the blessed Clan of WindClan. Here TallStar is the leader of our Clan and Mudclaw is the deputy. The medicine cat is Barkface. The warriors are Tornear, Webfoot, Onewhisker, Crowfeather, and Ashfoot.Our only Queen is Whitetail. And the Elders are MorningFlower and Rushtail. And last But NOT least is our Apprentices are Owlpaw and Weaselpaw. Come back soon, but not too soon!

Us in StarClan live in the Stars or what the Clan SilverPelt. Us good cats go to the Stars, the bad cats go to a very very dark forest.

This is a good picture of FireStar of ThunderClan.

Here is a good picture of some kits play fighting.

We are Watching you!!

Just keeping my eyes on you!

A good Picture of ThunderClan Camp.

StarClan Blesses you!!

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