Endangred Animals

Hi, I am Nasim and I want to show you what is happening to endangred animals. You are going to cry when you hear this so get a packet of tissues ready.

People love elephants, lions, and dolphins... So why are all of these animals in danger of becoming extinct, mainly due to human activities?

An animal is being hunted down every day....for example, the tiger....there might be about a thousand of it left!

The dwarf blue sheep is a type of rare animal that is endangred. This type of specie lived in Himalaya Mountains.

The hispid hare is endangred exactly like the dwarf blue sheep. Who would ever try to kill such beauties??

Polar bears are threatened not of hunting, but the ice in the north pole is melting faster. They use big lumps of ice to rest on but now, they take hours to find one and some even drown!!

Hawaiian crows are only found in captivity. Attempts to breed and release them have so far failed.

The macaw often travels in terrible conditions,cramped and dirty, with little or no food and water. They end up in cages where they often die.

Sea turtles are endangred.

Panda bears are really endangred!

I do NOT know what type of animal this is but....

This IS ABSOLUTELY endangred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The meditarranian monk seal is being hunted by fishermen who believe it 'steals' their fish, and afffected by pollution. There are fewer than 600 left.


The bison...I do not know if it is endangred!

This type is too late to save (extinct).

Black-necked cranes are sometimes poisoned by pesticide chemicals used by farmers.

The red pandas are so cute!!! why kill them??
Thanks for visiting my website...I hope you learned SOMETHING!! Bye..

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