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This blog is all about different types of dog breeds. If you have any info on breeds of dogs please feel free to e-mail them to me at If you also have any comments or concerns please e-mail them to me to. On this blog I made links to where I found the info on this site,also there are more info on the links. Hope this is helpful.
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The dogs of this month (June)
Goldenretriever AND German Shephard

This awsome dog wins again for the fifth time and now shares the spot light!

Yorkshire Terriers


flowing coat that doesn't shed recommened for people that have allergies

peaceful with other pets

easy to carry doesn't take up much space



large , athletic

likes vigerous exercises and activities

is eager to please you and cooperative to training



comical and entertaining

smallest and easiest of all breads to carry around

comes in variety of sizes coats and colors

click here for more info


medium to large built like a sleet athlete
short easy to maintain coat
usualy polite with everyone

click here for more info






large, bouncy enthusiastic attitude toward life

short easy-care coat available in 3 colors:yellow,black,chocolate

peaceful with other animals

Viszla (veesh-la)

sleek-coated and tautly-muscled, a true athlete

packed with energy and thrives on vigorous exercise and athletic activities

gentle and sensitive, typically a "soft" dog

click here for more info

German Shepard


strong and athletic

likes challenging exercise and activities

can learn to do lots of things

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