Horse Crazy!

Stop Horse Slaughter! End their pain and suffering....
If you agree put this on your page/profile and help save those horses in need!

Hi there,
My name is Molly and I don't believe in horse slaughter. They kill horses for dog food, zoo meat, and much more stuff. Please Help all those horses in need!
Here's How:
-Stop horse slaughter
-save your horse after an accident (enless it can't be healed)
-have no money? ask for donations
Please end horse slaughter! It's rude, mean, and totally stupid!

Hey There,
My name is Molly! I love horses so much! I have tons... my Uncle just bought me 2! My favorite kind of horse is the solid back Arabian... they are so pretty! Mail me at if you love horses too! i'll keep writing stuff and putting up pictures!
A little about me:
- I love horses!
-blonde hair
-hazel eyes
-love to sing
-i can draw
-I like friends (but not when they bug me!)
-I love so many other sites
-i play everyday
-I love horses!
What I do:
-Horseback ride every Saturday
-play the computer
-play world of warcraft (bestest is the name!)
-hang with my friends
Me, me, me!
-i'm cool!
-i'm A+ student (not now 'cause I hit 6th grade, i'm failing Language!)
Things to do on my site:
-Check in everyday and i'll write celeb gossip, my schools gossip, diary enteries, and tons about horses!

I know I told you I like Arabian horses right? Well Here's some history on the horse I love!
Arabian horses- horse information on Arabian horses such as History of horse and other horse info. If you are looking for information on Arabian horses or want to learn more about Arabian horse history, the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation can help.

Arabian horses are among the most animated and delicately beautiful horses. We offer information, insights and tips on the ownership and caring of this amazing and special breed of horse. In the history of horse, the horse information shows that it is the oldest and purest breed in the world. The history of the horse also shows that it is a lightly built horse with a small head and dished profile. Arabian Horse Owners Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization. horse info history of horse information arabian horses information arabian horses arabian horse history information arabian horses horse info history of horse information arabian horses arabian horse history arabian horse history information arabian horses horse info history of horse information arabian horses

Since 1956 the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation has focused on horse art, history of the horse and education. The Arabian Horse Owners Foundation has lots of horse information on the many breeds of Arabian horses. Some of the best horse information you can find is in our books, videos, computers and other materials. Arabian horses are the most beautiful horses in the world.

Horses are beatiful animals... don't you agree? Their souls are like freedom racing through the air... They don't care... The wind is their guidence through the world... Race with them... You can make a difference for any horse!... save them, free them, don't kill them...
My Poem:
The horse is a beautiful magnificent creation made by God. We have gathered some very wonderful poems about horses that have been sent in our viewers. Most of our poems are originals and belong to their authors. Please do not take them without written permission to display on your site or take credit for them. If you see something displayed that is yours to begin with, let us know and we will give you credit or remove it.
Thanks for visting my page and enjoy much more!

I love horses, and art so I call this horse art... you love the picture??? Hope you do!

I also love to sing alot!
Favorite songs:
-Nothing Better To Do (LeAnn Rimes)
-Stronger (Kayne West)
-We Run This (Missy Elliot)
-Summer Love Mix (Justin Timberlake)
-Shut Up and Drive (Rihanna)
-Potenial Break Up Song (Aly&AJ)
-So Bring It On (Cheetah Girls)
-S.O.S (Jonas Brothers)
Send In your vote to: and I'll put your vote on my page every week!
Do you love unicorns? Do you believe in unicorns? I thought you would.... See unicorns are so intelligent.... Beatiful creatures that roam the world off Fantasy... If you could own a unicorn would you? would you ride it in the Fantasy world... run along the beach in the heavens to save what is left? and come back only to know it was all a dream? Would you take the risk? Would you soar? would you care for that animal until you couldn't anymore? I know I would... here's how you can own your unicorn:
-Care enough in dreams
-sprend your wings and soar
-think of Fantasy Island
-Dream a better dream

Follow me and take this dream and save Fantasy... b4 your to late.
Yes My Name Is Molly And I Rock!

Hey Check Out My Guestbook and Send me a message! I've got lots of friends! They are the best! And I have a boyfriend, his name is Eric, he's nice and really funny! Also I'm getting pictures of some of my friends, and me... I'm 11 and I'm really nice!
Jesus loves me, yes I know. For the bible tells me so.

This is One of the Pictures! I'm trying to find mine!

This is one of the saddles I ride! I sometimes ride Western too!
You know I told you about my BF Eric right? Well we just got our school pictures, so if they are accepted you can check us out!
I Love God and Jesus! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

That's right I love Winnie The Pooh!


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