Hedgehogs, fierce and mean? Or cute and lovable?

Many people think that hedgehogs are mean animals, because of there spikes. However, they are not. Many people even would like to keep a hedgehog as a pet! They don't even try to hurt you! Also, hedgehogs are even really small and cute! They can be 3 inches in length, and 4 inches in width!

If you keep a hedgehog as a pet, you can feed them cat food, meal worms, and cooked fruits and vegetables. This being convenient if you have a cat, or a snake!

If you are thinking about getting a hedgehog, and you have a cat, don't be worried that they will not get along. Often, hedgehogs and cats are best friends! They will most likely be very close, and will love to play with each other.

If you do want a hedgehog as a pet, be careful. Because even if they are brothers and sisters, if they are in the same room, a female and a male will breed.

I'm not saying that baby hedgehogs are bad, I'm just saying that you probably don't want hedgehogs breeding in your house. Baby Hedgehogs, or hoglets, can be 1 to 2 inches! That is really small! Some newborns are even as big as a quarter! I'm just saying,they are really cute!

I hope that many of you who thought that hedgehogs are fierce, now think differently. I hope you guys want a hedgehog as a pet. I know I do!

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Hedgehogs, fierce and mean? Or cute and lovable? (Animals)    -    Author : Rebecca - USA

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