guinea-pig fan

OK so i guess you can see my favourite animal is a guinea pig.I don't have one but i might soon.I find guinea pigs so cute with there little fluffy body's.I know a bit about them because iv'e been looking at a lot of videos.And they are very cute and friendly they have different personality's some are energetic and some are calm.

Guinea pig's are very cute when there cosy on your lap in there pigloo (which is a igloo in plastic.

I adopted a virtual guinea pig it's very cute

I also made my own guinea pig:)

guinea pigs tend to get lonley so it's best if you get two guinea pigs

ALso if you have two guinea pig's then you should give them a big cage

they should have some floor time so there not trapped in there cage they should be free

they also need lots of toys

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guinea-pig fan (Animals)    -    Author : Melissa - Great Britain

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