Hi my name is Julia! I am 9 years old.My fave animal is a fox.i like blue.i have a cat named Lucky and a dog named fave tv shows are Inuyasha,pokemon,bleach and digimon.

I love foxes!!They are my fave animal!!!

There are many kinds of fox. they are an artic fox,fennec fox and red fox!!The one up here is a red fox.

this is a fennec fox!!My faverit!!

This is a artic fox!!!

Foxes are from the dog familey.

this is a fennec fox!They live near the dessert.They are small but tuff!

If you want to be my pen pal just email me and I will reaspnd!!

This is a red fox kit!They are about the size of a cat!

This is a artic fox!they live in the tundra.

this is a fox pokemon,Vulpix.He is my fave!


This is another fox kit!!

Who doesint like Tigers?

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