dogz {shiz tzu, sharpie!}

so sleepy!

compare... so ugly!!! all horse hair!!

what the cutie!!!

the hansome one!!!

such the relaxed one! sunbather of the bunch!

the winner!!!!

so many dogzz witch is witch????

the little one !

so tall!!

well as we all know are sharpei's are cute some are shagger than others but some are so ugly there cute well here is some info sharpei's are chineise fighting dogs because one person would get in a fight with the other so then they had sharpei's and they would fight with the sharpeis not with themselves! if you don't get that then here is an easier way to think of it 2 dogs fight one that lives is the one the wins!!!

well shiz tzu's have been past down to generation to generation in my family and here is some info about shiz tzu's they are a kind of toy dog toy dog is another word for small dog well shit tzu are ment to be in dog shows and dog compation's and to be bread long haired and bathed and groomed and loved and shared as toy dogs should but some people just want them as their pet and their companion for life to be treated the same way for life!!! also as toy dogs should.

wild thoughts!!!

they give away alot of feelings for you!!

oh so cute!

the army dog!!!

the little dreamer!!

sporty shorty!!

the little cowboy!
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