!!Dinosaurs there supposed to be extinct right?!!
Dinosaurs...these mysterious animals leave us with alot of questions and not many answers. They died 65 million years ago... or did they?

There have been strange sightings of a long necked creature in the waters of Lake Lochness. This creature was described to look like a monsterous animal with a long neck and huge fins who loved the water. This all describes a kind of dinosaur called the Plesiosaur.
Scientist have also proven that Plesiosaur's had to come up from the water once in a while to take a breathe or 2. Could this be the answer to why there have been so much sightings of a creature in Lake Lochness?

Well there you have it. Two good pictures showing that there is infact a Loch Ness monster. But that doesnt mean there fake. They could infact be fake.
I'm not saying you have to believe in him. But even if those pictures were fake it wouldn't stop me from being a nonbeliever.

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