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American Bulldogs
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American Bulldogs are sometimes known to be dangerous. Lots of people are scared of them, but there is no reason to. American Bulldogs are loving dogs, that if correctly trained could be as nice as a Lab puppy. In fact, my family calls ours a "big baby" beacause he loves everyone who comes around! But what truly can scare people is if they are in confined areas such as a cage or a backyard. In these conditions, They will become protective and bark/growl. This just shows they are amazing gaurd dogs, and can still be lovable! American Bulldogs are also really good at pulling carts, which was one of their jobs back 2 centuries ago. So you can train them to pull weights on carts until they can pull without you leading them. People actually used to have competitions on which dog could pull the most weight the farthest! The sign of a true american bulldog is a white-tipped tail, which most mixes do not have. I do recommend this as a great family dog! My little sister (age 5) is so trusted by my dog that she can lay on him like a pillow when he doesn't care at all! They require minimum grooming, as their fur is very short. They are not indoor dogs, and do best in a backyard and a hot environment. These dogs are amazing!

American bulldogs are related to the mastiff, its father breed. Just a mere breeding change seperates them from Rotweilers, Pitbulls, English Bulldogs, and Spanish Bulldogs. The picture abpve is of a Tibetan Mastiff, one of the many breeds of Mastiffs that created the cousins of the American Bulldog.

heres something about Pitbulls: They may be the world's top dog assasin, but thats only because of overbreeding. Its a case where the brain becomes bigger than the skull itself, and so that causes massive pain and sometimes they can go crazy! So all that matters is that you get yours from the right breeder. And what's really annoying, people in Denver cant even own a Pitbull, because they are banned! The only people that are allowed to own them are people who are handicapped and need a helper dog. horrible, right? so if you are against this, please answer the survey question of whether or not you think that they should be banned. that way I can try to put an end to that horrible law!

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