on all types of birds

DUCKS : in the open ocean , lagoons . . .
-feed on aquatic plants , seeds . . .
-measured from 30 to 100 centimeters
GULLS :its size is 26-75 inches
-their beaks are long
-live on the sea coasts . . .

AEGLES: live in deserts , swamps . . .
-comon live animals
-are large birds

CROSSBILLS :the common measures about 16 centimetes
-weighs between 32 and 39 grams
-seed feed

AVOCET : live near the sea or swamp predos
-measured between 40 and 45 centimeters

THE BIRD CALPINTERO : selval often live in woods . . .
-feed on insects
-its legs are very strong
-his claws are very strong and sharp
PARROTS : feed on seeds . . .
-places are avitan in warm areas
-the cultch can lay 4 to 6 eggs

FLAMENCO : from 6 years and can have offspring
-birds are higher
-are very social animals can live well in groups

KIWI : a bird no rate
-nests are underground
-grow to be about 45 centimeters tall
-weigh about 2,5 kilos

SPATULA COMMON : a bird of 80-93 centimeters
-has a long beak
-flies with the neck extirado , combining wing beats and glides

PELICAN : have a huge bag at the bottom of its long beak feed on fish
-expelling all water used for data gathering and remain only with the fish

OSTRICH :the name comes from big bird
-measuring about 2,4 meters
-its weight is 136 kg
-can reach up to 65 km/h speed

CAUSUARIO : is similar to ostrich
-measures atmost 2 meters tall
-camouflages in his dark plumage
-live in large groups

THE EMU :is one of the birds in the group ratites
-hails from australia
-inhabits the plains
-not as aggressive

RHEA :inhabits grasslands south america
-is maintained at less than 1.200 meters of elevetion
-males achieve the 1,4 meters
-the females 1,2 meters

HOOPOE : weighs about 70 grams
-its longuitud is up to 30 centiiters
-this bird is wild to 10 years
-will encoirage insects , worms . . .

VULTURES : are raptors animals
-feed on dead animals
-is about 6,5 kg and 2,5 m wimgspan

COKATIEL : are birds related to the parrots and lorikeets
-are native oseania and asia
-the family of cockatoos are called cacatuidaes

NYMPHS : are some beaufitul birds belonging to the family caoskatoos
-not exceed 35 centimeters from head to tall
-are adorable and very loving pets

STORK : weighs tetween 4 and 4,5 kg
-lonuitud having 1 meter
-its height is 1 and 15 meters
-usually last 20 years

FORTI : come from africa , india and china
-are quiet some are ablate although not very well
-eat seeds , fruits , vegetables . . .

WHITE SWAN : weighs between 4 and 14 kilograms
-easured between 140 and 160 centimeters
-usually live in lakes , ponds or rivers

CRANE : longuitud is 110 centimeters and 200 centimeters in size
-usually reaching a shout

HERON . it consists of some 60 or 65 species
- has an overall distribution practically
-when they igrate to wam areas
-when siting competition offspring in the nest can lea to death of one of the

ROOSTER: rooster and hens are some omnovores animals
-often eat corm,wheat . . .
-at 6 or 8 onths of life roosters reach sexual maturity is a little later than the

PENGUIN : belongs to the group of flighfless birds called
-can reach a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour
-there are about 18 different species of pinguin
-feed on fish

TOICANS : mallirie inhabit the tropical forests
-like peak featherent colors and very bright
-i accentuated the nest within holes in trees

COMMON PLANE :its like a swallow small
-breed in the hills can reach up to 2.500 meters
-feed on insects caught in tight

OSPREY: his long taano is centimeters 52-60
-the acho weighs about 1,2 to 2 pounds and the female weighs about 1,5 to 2,2
-put 1 or 4 eggs from late april
-chicks learm to fly after you enter the 51 or 59 days

CORY SHEARWATER: its population now exceeds 40.000couples
-though his situation is a threat
-found the mediterranean

AUTILLO : its coat seen from afar seems to blur
- nocturnal bird of prey is the smallest of the iberian peninsula and balearic
- its wingspan is about 50 inches

PEACOOCK : is a very territorial bird and little valued
-weighs about 5 kilograms approximately
-usually last about 15 years or 20 years might please
-the open winhs from 3 years

DOVE OLOPAVO : belongs to the family columbids
-is composed af 24 or 32 pens
-is plumage color can very frok pure white sick the black

CONDOR : has name of large vultures of america
-reaches 3,3 meters
-males weigh about 11,5 kg
-fow can match in impressive birds condor

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