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This blog is dedicated to kids who love finding Bigfoot!

Today I went squatching and found what looked like a baby Bigfoot track. I could plainly see the heel of the footprint, I could also see some toes. And yesterday I saw a tree shaking back and forth. The same tree was on the ground today. There are lots of trees and a pond where I live so Bigfoots could have shelter and water. Does anyone else have a Bigfoot story? Write back if you have one!


Bigfoot in Space

Did you know that bigfoot is in space? because Star Wars has Chewy so basically BIGFOOT IS IN SPACE!And of course chewy is big and furry just like bigfoot.But Chewy doesn't sound like bigfoot but he looks like bigfoot
Oh by the way you can not find bigfoot sitting in your living room watching tv. You have to go investigate any where you think a bigfoot would be or you could do calls and do it that way. I would perfer to do calls and investigate.
Oh and dont get yourselves hurt. Remember BIGFOOOTS HAVE SUPER STRENGTH so if you see one get some good film then run as fast as you can away and try to be quiet.
and also if you had trained dogs that could help you a lot
Oh and I'm finding a lot of bigfoot nests near my house so I will keep you updated on that ok
Ok and the bigfoot nests are getting nearer and nearer to my house
Tonight me and my friend saw a bigfoot shadow near my house .The shadow was huge and looked like a human figure but to big to be a human it saw us and was trying to be quiet so it did not make a noise.Even though we did not see it, we saw the giant shadow.After we saw it we both ran as fast as we could.
Ok finally the nests have stopped so now it is a matter of hearing and seeing him. And please believe me on this I heard him really close to me ok I was with my friends but all of a sudden we hear a medium grunt.

I will keep everyone posted on this if I have time.
well I've been getting questions why are so interested in bigfoot well heres my answer I like researching this topic because were always trying to find him but none really know for sure if he really exists in my opinion he does but there are others who disagree with me

I hope i've answered your questions
If anyone has any stories of any incident Write it down in the guest book so I can read it over and give me the creatures height and the time you saw it and I might be able to tell you if you did see a bigfoot or if you didn't

Cause I Would love to hear them
The season Finale of finding Bigfoot has finished you will probably not hear much from me but in November the next season of Finding Bigfoot begins and the hunt shall continue see you in November!

yours truly,Thomas
I will be launching a search on February 21 2014 I will tell you the results when im finish my search it will start Febuary 21 is when it when it begin and Febuary 25 is when it will end

Yours truly,Thomas
Im sorry i didn't get results from my search but I have better news finding Bigfoot has decided to starts months early or so i heard on the channel animal planet (this is the channel the show has always been on) so if you have that channel i recommend watching if your interested theres a new episode every Sunday night.

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