bobby jack lovers and obsessers come here

ok so heres a BRIEF bio on bobby.hes a crazy monkey bana obsesser who loves candy.that monkey tsk tsk.o and to see my chat room or club search bobbyjack.mine does not include happy bunny.=D

as you may have noticed once again.actually kinda obvious.bobby loves candy.especially bubble for more info.and a free chatroom and photos.

oh my gosh you just have to see this cuyotte monkeys.did i mention i love monkeys well i do.

soooooooooooooo cute!!!! <3

i was planing on doing my science project this year on moldy bread.bad i did it on this really cool egg was gross cleaning out the bowl from the bread.eww i didnt want to see that mental image again.sorry 4 the gross out pic.

time for a bobby jack gallery!

another 1

and another..........

and u get the point.


remeber,bobby jack is not just a shirt its a lifestyle.

have i ever told you guys how much i love build a bear?well i do check out some of these this cuyotte sleeping getting it for my build a bear cherry so her and rose(my bffs bear)can have there on little sleep

but u cant have a sleep over with out a tent.ok you can but o well the tent has to go with something.

guess whose this little koala bear.its my bear!cherry berry gates.XD.heres a lil info about her.

first name:cherry
last name:gates
middle name:berry
age:1 years old.(she'll be 2 in august ;07.)
born in:Build A Bear Workshop in the Tacoma Mall
loves:her brother,cherries,clothes,build a bear,bearmy,dogs,animal planet,and a austalian koala bear from some canadian cartoon.
sibblings:i have over 200 stuffed animals so ill have to narrow it down.the mian sibbling is her big brother berry who is actually smaller then her in size.hes a beanine baby worth some money.i think....

ok now its time u learned a little abot 12 years old from tacoma in 6th grade and in middle school.i like build a bear and animals and favorite food is grapes,appels,carrots and pears.but in the junk catergory(lol)cheese burgers salty fries.i also like watermelons.i live with my 13 year old sista and my 16 year old brotha and my 38 year old motha.i have a pet dog her name is duthces she has a dashund.shes fiesty and mean just not to certain bffs name is tara and shes 12 and lives wit her parents.she also has a dog and a build a bear.o and that chair up there is alo what im getting cherry.u can get the pump for 2.oo$ at build a bear.:-)
i like that game cuz i like horses and stuff.and i love the sound effects.mabe someone with a lil more horse expirmiment can get passed level 2.(i cant lol)
dis one is my fave but really hard.(for me at least.)

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