Animals rule All the animals at my house

Hi Everybody
This site is all about my animals and other animals.
I love animals. They are my favourite thing in the world. I don't have many friends so I use animals instead. I want to grow up to be a vet I have wanted to be a vet since I was 6 and I am now 11.

When I grow up if I can't be a vet I will be a zoo keeper, trainer or feeder and then if I cant be any of those I will be a protester.
SAVE THE WHALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have three cats one is a family cat it is ginger his name is Phoenix Then I have my own cat she is thin and grey with a black stripe down her back and stripes coming down from that. Her name is Ivy. Then my brothers cat is Eddie he is Ivy's brother they are 1 minute apart in age and are both 7 months old.They are Tabby cats. Phoenix is about 1 and a half years old.

I have 1 dog which is a family dog. He is a staffordshire Bull terrior. His name is Jet. He is 2 turning three. On the holidays I went motor bike riding and mum was at work and my brother and my dad came with me and Jet 2 Then Jet disappeared and then he came bolting down the hill with feathery furry stuff around his mouth.
Then we went up to the house and dad thought he had just chased a rabbit or a chicken but after I had parked my bike i ran round to the front then I saw this dead cat sized thing at my feet and I screamed it turned out that it was a fox. It had died from a disease called mainge. and the dog had just dragged it up to the house.
Now the dog may have the disease mainge but we are not sure yet. This computer would not let me download a picture of jet so i just got basicly a exact lookalike of jet off the internet

We have heaps of chickens at our house we have Isa browns like in the picture we also have four roosters 2 little ones 2 big ones. we have three ducks 2 boys one boy drake one boy white and then a girl which is brown. one of the roosters is fluffy and he has a girlfriend which is fluffy and grey. we also have 1 other little hen that hangs with the little roosters. They lay eggs and then we keep some and sell the others.

We have heaps of sheep 1 his a breeding boy that we let out on ANZAC Day then leave out until we get lambs in Semtember. Some of these sheep we hand raised which means that they were abandend by their mothers on somebody elses property then sold to us then we have to feed them milk every 2 hours included at night time. then they growup to be big sheep. Also we shear them and sell their wool for money.

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