The mongoose

Welcome to the L & P show!sorta like a show except you read! ABout these fasinating animals and what we happen to "know" about them. I'm Lorange, and This is Payton, and today, we're going to talk about the fabulous animal, the cobra fighting mongoose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

heyy Lorange, yeah did you know mongeese like to sit on rocks it shows rocks in the piture?
Seriosly, Payton, I dont even think your related to me, but anyway! Did YOU know that MONGEESE (or mongooses) ARE NOT GEESE!
*gasp* REALLY??? WOW!!!!! Yeah, mongeese look a lot like ferrets, just remembered!
Yeah I know! Gaspish right!
YEAH!!!!! Have you ever encountered a mongoose......
Yeap. I was walkin' through the forest, and i see this ferret like thing, and it's a mongoose!!!!
yes way!!!!! anyway, so its fighting a snake, which they do for food, and then, i pull out my handy dandy oboe, which for some odd reason i had, and start playing the snake charmer song, ya know, na na NAAAAAA NAAAAAA NAAAAAAA na na NA NA NA NAAA!!!
Then they look at me like ' What the heck?' And the mongoose snatches the oboe from me, and starts playing awsome jazz!
Then, the snake starts playing a bongo drum with its head, and then!
I woke up
yeah, that was my dream.. sorryy to get you and you people out there excited...

Ok ok.... A RODENT AND A SNAKE!!!!! WHO WINS? The snake! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! WRONG ANSWER! Mongeese actually fight cobras for food, and to defend themselves, unlike mice, they do not allow themselves to walk down a snake's throat... ;) happy thought, right?
yeah lovley but i like how the mongeese actully fight for their lives unlike mice!!!!
Um, Payton...
I just said that
oh, yeah...... right... i knew that..
yeah........ that's nice
well i think cobras are big meannys!!!!!
guess what!
what you grew another head?
aww i wish u grew another head
um... no........ but ANYWAY! Cobras are really cool looking, and if you DONT see a picture of one fighting a mongoose, it's because our crap for crap computer isnt working, and if you see it, then we went on the other computer and put it there
weel i didn't like how you put it but i think people got the point
yeah, of course they did, or they'd be stupido idioso
yeah i know right?

Here's a little break from the mongeese, to tell you a little about ourselves. I'm Lorange, and I'm the older one, 13 turning 14 october 3rd.
And I'm Payton, I'm 11, turning 12 the 26th of August!!!!!!!! I'm a blue-eyed brunette with dark blonde highlights.
I (Lorange) Have gray eyes and I'm also a brunette. My eyes change colors with seasons and with what I wear.
We're Australlian, well, out dad is. He married my mom in Australlia, my mom is from the USA, and then they moved to Hawaii, then we came along.
Yeap, we have one dog, who's Dingo, and a gray fluffy cat.
Yeah, So moving on to babies,
Lorange & Payton ^_^ , The Mongoose Sisters

We, consider ourselves the Mongoose Sisters today , because we suppose we know all, when really, we pretty much think only what we think we know... Pretttty much :) and this week, we are the Mongoose Sisters :)
YAY!!!!!!!! BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres a little dilly 'bout cobras :)

So, Payton, what do you think about this adorable mongoose baby?
I think it's an adorable mongoose baby, that's what I think.
Of course you do.
What's that supposed to mean?
That you're annoying.
Whatever helps you sleep at night....
Did you know The mongoose is a favorite family pet in Asia because it is such an effective snake killer. About 3 feet [9 dm] long, the mongoose weighs about 10 pounds [4.5 kg]. It has short legs, yet is a fast runner and quick in movement. This little creature is gentle around people, and was clearly designed to protect them from poisonous snakes. Even if a cobra bites a baby mongoose, the venom will not bother it. Venom antibodies are in mongoose body, blood, and nerve cells. Although it may never have seen a dangerous snake until fully grown, yet a mongoose will instantly know to attack and kill that snake, and how to do it?
It's called 'Copy' and 'Paste'
WE gotta get some real facts in here.
ah... the fact I reall like is this one:Even if a cobra bites a baby mongoose, the venom will not bother it. Venom antibodies are in mongoose body, blood, and nerve cells. Although it may never have seen a dangerous snake until fully grown, yet a mongoose will instantly know to attack and kill that snake, and how to do it
Yeah, me too, YAY BABIES!
I also like that fact that they're gentle around people
Yeah, unless you have an oboe
Dont PSH ME!
oh yes I did!
ok fine....
yes! HUMPH wins AGAIN!

This is a COBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Lorange, here to tell you about them, since Payton things that they're big meanyys

Cobra is the common name for members of the family of venomous snakes, Elapidae, known for their intimidating looks and deadly bite. Cobras are recognized by the hoods that they flare when angry or disturbed; the hoods are created by the extension of the ribs behind the cobras' heads. These reptiles are found throughout the Philippines, southern Asia, and Africa. The king cobra is the world's longest venomous snake. The king cobra, or hamadryad, holds the record length of 24 ft. for a venomous snake! The king cobra is unique among snakes in that it makes a nest for its eggs, scraping up leaves and other debris in which to deposit them, and remains in the nest until the young hatch. It averages 3.7 m (12 ft) in length but is known to grow to 5.5 m (18 ft). It is a thin snake, olive or brown in color, with bronze eyes. It is found in the Philippines, Malaysia, southern China, Burma, and the Malay Peninsula. The other cobra of Asia is known variously as the common, Asian, Indian, or spectacled cobra (due to the eyeglass-shaped pattern on its skin). It seldom reaches a length of more than 1.8 m (6 ft). The hood of the Asian cobra is, proportionately, much larger than that of the king cobra and is usually yellow to brown, with a black-and-white spectacle pattern on top and two black and white spots on the lower surface. This snake causes thousands of deaths each year in India, where it is regarded with religious awe and are seldom killed. It ranges from the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea to China and Malaysia. Most cobras are natives of Africa. Among them is the spitting, or black-necked cobra, found from southern Egypt to northern South Africa. This snake can spray its venom from a distance of about 2.4 (about 8 ft) accurately. Varieties of the spitting cobra range in color from dull black to pink, the lighter-colored ones marked by a black band around the neck. The ringhals, a different type of spitting cobra confined to southern Africa, is the smallest of the cobras, reaching only about 1.2 m (about 4 ft) in length. It is dark brown or black with ridged, or keeled, scales and light rings on the neck. The asp, or Egyptian cobra is widely distributed throughout Africa, being the most common. Contrary to folklore, cobras will seldom attack unprovoked. When threatened, however, the Cobra will make full use of its deadly force. Cobras are famous for their use by snake charmers because they respond well to visual cues, and are of spectacular appearance.

Well, we hope you enjoyed out lil' show, all about the Mongeese :)
Yeah, next we'll be working on Dingo's just like out dog, Jack.
I talked to mom about getting a pet mongoose while you wrote about cobras.
What'd she say?
She said next year we might when we go to Asia!!!!
We gotta go celabrate, see ya all laters, and dont forget to sign the guestbook!
With Love,
Lorange and Payton, The Mongoose Sisters

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