There are lots Of different varieties of corn snakes here are some examples.

This is a Candy Cane Corn Snake.

This is a Miami Phase Corn Snake.

This is a Anerythristic Corn Snake.

This is a Butter Corn Snake

This is a Amelanistic Corn Snake.

This is a Sun Glow Corn Snake.

This is a Snow Corn Snake.

This is a Bloodred Corn Snake.
There are still lots of different kinds of corn snakes.But these are some of the most common corn snkes
Now I am Going too show you what captive corn snakes eat.

This is a New born Mouse called a pinkie.Pinkies are eaten by hatchling snakes.

As the snake grows the size of the food it eats grows with it.This Mouse is Called a Fuzzie a fuzie is a baby mouse.

This is a hopper this mouse unlike fuzzies thes mice can run faster and they can of course hop.
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This is an adult mouse the fully grown corn snakes eat these mice.
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