how to kare 4 ur kitty!

first step: settiling in.
ok the first step is getting the 8 week old kitten (should be 8weeks old when u get it if not follow my orphan kitten steps at the bottem!) settled in ok make it your own home made bed it wont like an expensive 1 from a store show it how mutch u care about it! ok then it probebley wont like sleeping by its self so put the bed in your room or some where close to it. then it would get use to it. if you need more info on your kitten getting settled e-mail me!
secound step: litter box the hardest!
ok the hardest step of kitten traing! your kitten may take time learnig how to use the litter box. you should bye it a litter box and cat litter. if your cat goes were ever it wants to try putting aluminam foil on that spot becouse cats dont like that stuff!!! if it continues to find a nother spot try putting it on that spot again. dont worry it will go to the litter box soon!!!!! if you need more info email me!!!
third step: feeding
ok feeding the kitten wont be that hard! you should feed the kitten 4 times a day and water should be all ways avallable milk wont help just water milk can get the cat hyper and it will go crazy! you should feed it a brand of cat food (i recommend friskes) you should feed him/her meat for his or hers diet!!! and dont over feed becouse it will get fat and wont like to do stuff like climb trees jump and play!! need more help email me!!
fourth step:a bad kitten
if your kitten is bad like goes to the bathroom on the floor, skraching the couch wall ect. you should use an empty spray bottle and spray it with the water. (just water not anything else) or try tapping it on the head not hard just a little tap. if u need more info email me!
fifth step: clean up!
ok, the litter cleaning is the hardest you should clean the litter box once in 2 weeks. and should take out the poop evryday with a shovel that came with the litter box. and bed cleaning is not hard you just have to wash the blanket you used. if you want to you can use cat nip it helps to clean the bed up! if u need any help on clean up email me!!
sixth step: a trip to the vet.
a trip to the vet will be hard. the first thing you should do is get it a cage or carryer. (so you can hold it and it wont run away) the vet may take a few shots becouse it might get sick and a check up but thats it not to scarry!! if u need more info email me!!!
seventh step: collers
ok the coller wont be that hard it may take a strgglefor it to be on but not to hard! if your kitten dosent like it be sure to take it off becouse it will choke its self!! need more info? email me!
9th step: fleas
ok if your kitten has fleas you need to get it medicine or a flea coller those are really cheap i bought one for my kitten it works!!! need more help?? email me!!!
taking a bath:
kittens and cats dont like water somtimes! my cat loves water! but give it a bath with a towel like get the towel wet the rub it on your kitten! only in the summer kittens will get sick if in the winter if you need more help email me!
orphan kittens: this is for kittens under 8 weeks old!
if you have an orphan kitten and dont no what to do you have come to the right place!!!!
feeding: you should buy it milk from the store it will say "kitten milk" on it!
bathroom: your orphan kitten will need help goning to the bathroom so to use the bathroom you need to buy it kitten litter it will smell it then the kitten litter will attract it to use the bathroom by the smell!
vet: the vet will help you a lot! so take your kitten to the vet maby once a month or more!
coller: your kitten is not ready for a coller it will when it is 9 months old!
need more help? email me!!!

games: you and your cat will have a lot of fun with games!!
try to make up games that your cat will play!!! need ideas? email me!!!
if you need help on anything email me!! you can print these steps out! and use them!! have fun with your kitten! best wishes,

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