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Welcome to the site where all moose lovers are welcome! (and those who want to learn more)

do you love moose? Yes, no, Maybe so. If so this is the perfect site for you.

These animals are very amazing creatures. They can weigh up to 450 kg! That's alot. Some people kill these animals and hang their heads in their houses, although this is a nice centerpeice for your house it is wrong, unless you're dying of hunger. The life span of a moose is 34 years, and during those years it can produce 1 calf.

Moose are found all over the northern hemisphere. Mostly in te forests of northern asia, europe, and north america.

Moose loose their antlers in the Spring, and breed in the Fall.

The word "moose" itself is derived from the Natik word "moos," itself supposedly derived from the Proto-Algonquian mooswa, meaning "the animal that strips bark off of trees."

They like to eat trees and shrubs, usually maple and aspen and are considered herbivores.

Moose may grow to be 7 feet tall and 1500 pounds!
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Now just sit back and look at the pictures of moose.

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