Bunnies are so cute
I am Tori this is my blog when i was 8 years old i had a bout 10 bunnies. Now that I am 11 and all of my bunnies have passed on so For easter this year my mom and dad are thinking about getting me a new bunny!!!
I no from before how tough it is to have bunnie. one of the most important things about having a bunnie is make sure it has plantey of food and water and also that it is warm in the winter because they can freeze 2 death and no1 wantss a snowball for a pet.

isnt it cute

I thought this pic was funny

Thsi is my puppy
I have 1 dog his name is shirlock my other dog died 2 years ago.=( So i dont no how shirlock will reacted to a new bet he is a very jelouse dog!!!!
if You ever need imfomation on a bunny who know where to find me
My friend Nicole has 2 guinea pig's so if u need info on the them just go to her blog Guinea Pigs!
I love bunnies so much last summer i watched my friends bunny and she was so awsome she would play games w/ me like she would hide in her igloo i though i could have one just like her but i guesss i finally get my Chance
Bunny can be hard to take care of its not all fun n games you do have to clean up the presents they leave behind lol
ok well easter is almost here and i talked 2 my parents and i am not getting a bunny but i am getting someting else!! =( but its ok
whats up people my friend got to bunnys and they are so cute they are white w/ red eyes

I love bassethounds puppies more than bunnies =)

Ha! this is so cute and funny at the same time! it looks like a dog but its a bunny!


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