Guinea Pigs!

As the owner of many guinea pigs i know all the things you need to know about these furry friends!I'll name my 2 favorite who i will be talking about continuiously;
Zoey:1 year old and she weighs ALOT! Shes Mostly white on her body with some brown and her head is black with a white line down her noseand her little ears are brown
Candie:1 1/2 years old and she's light nothing compared to zoey and candies OLDER!!!candie is all brown!Well want to tell you how sweet she is candie is so sweet she'kll come up to you and let you hold her and do her little daily check up!
If Zoey and Candie, behaves i always reward them with Guinea Pig treats and there food gets DOUBLED!! so concider the following,
Carrots(a little more than usual)
guinea pig Pies.
Extra Timothy (Timothy: Hay that is still green grass but dried up)

*most of these besides Pies, and raviolios is a daily meal with normal guinea pig food with timothy.
Enemys of Guinea Pigs!:

Cats ,
Dogs ,
when babies there dads.
and other large animals
As you know i own many animals so if you ever have a question tell me please!
Guinea Pig Care
1.Guinea pig cages need to be cleaned every 2 days Feed them once a day.
2.Guinea's LOVE to be held and pet and hugged but they HATE, to be picked up and held infront of you for a long time it hurts there little arms.
3.Zoey and candie so far have been fine with out a man by there side according to Animal Scientist's. the male guini pig will EAT the babies!
4.Guinea pigs babies are super small it takes about 2 moths for the guinis to be born.
5.they have MANY babies. Guinea pigs first in contact the dicide to have children.
6.the mother guiniea pig protects itself with its servearly large nails and long buck teeth.
7. they talk with a squeel
8. zoey is verry ticklish you rub up and down her back and she laughs! literally!
9.Guinea pigs give live birth.
10.scince guinea pigs are foung in the us. there are alot,and people actually mistake guinea's For Hampsters!
11AND MOST IMPORTANT!!!.give them balanced and nutritional meal!

Hey its me if you are wrking on a school project just e-mail me i have all the info you need!
E-Mail:oh my god or without spaces)

Zoey's Corner!:
Zoey loves to be held hugged kised fed and rocked to sleep
inFACT ZOEY is with me right now!
Candies Corner!:
Candie loves to be exaxctly like zoey except is a bit nicer
(zoey loves to nibble things)

Candie has been fairly well this year! im putting up a picture of zoey for all too see but, you can see a picture of candie BEFORE ANYONE! ok so come on do the following!:

Contest: write to and tell me about your guinea pig! okay!
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