chauchau dog:


- This dog race has height ranging from 45 to 50 cm.

- They have rounded ears and wide head.

- One of the most striking physical characteristics of the breed is the presence of long hair on the head, resembling a lion's mane.

- The language of chow-chows is bluish.

- The coat of this breed is smooth, tough and dense.

- The most common colors are: black, cream, reddish brown and tan.

- It is a breed of Chinese origin.


- It has a docile behavior (when treated well), but it is necessary for the owner to do a job socialization (with people and other animals).

- They have a rebellious nature and do not accept disrespectful attitudes.

- It is a breed of dog very independent and intelligent.

- It's hard to be a dog trained.

- It is affectionate, but shows little this feeling.

- When you want warmth, usually put his paw under the head or licking the owner.

- They have the hunting instinct. In the city, can hunt mice, birds or other small animals.

- They tend to bark while, but priate bark is because something is wrong.

German Shepherd

Remarkable in his unswerving loyalty. Faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. Never idle. Always on the move. Kind, but not a sycophant.
A constant pleasure for the eyes and for the soul.

Kadu House Chaplin

The German Shepherd dog is not a fashion. For more than a century is a race in a constant process and genetic improvement, worldwide.

It is one of the few, if not only, as it continually invests in controlling lame semural dysplasia and elbow as well as in controlling temper. The existing division in breeding and dogs that created the dichotomy of structure and dogs and work today is not as tight.

There is a need to create beautiful dogs, robust, strong, with less dysplasia and temperament compatible with the functions for which it is intended, ie, a watchdog and companion.

It could be said, a dog controlled aggression, or aggression should be necessary for the defense of the territory and the people who guard. Anything above this. And nothing below.

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