My Crazy Backyard
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Name: Alyssa
Date of birth: December 7, 1998
fav color: Pink!
fav animal: Alpaca
Fav subject: English
Siblings: 3 sisters- Ashton, Addy, & Avery
fav sport: Gymnastics and Cross Country:)

I have 14 alpacas these are the two I have there names are jina(Left) & alejandro(Right). jina is 4 years old and alejandro is 11 months old. :)

This is Daphne, my pig. She is 7 months old. she has a sister named daisy who is very annoyning! Although both are darlings!!

This is my alpaca(marley) & me(alyssa). I showed marley in my county fair. I got 8 first place ribbons and 1 reserved champion. Marley is 2 years old.

This is Max he was born in September. Max's mom is Miami she is about three years old. Max loves to play with anybody.

These are our baby chicks, they are 2 months old. altogether we have 13 older chickens and 13 baby chicks.

This is Junior, he is my sisters alpaca. He is 2 years old. He was shown in the fair last year and got blue, and red ribbons. Junior likes to spit!!

This is Daisy. She is a pot belly pig. Her sister is Daphne. She is always ready for a belly scatch.

This is my sisters and I, Me in the Purple shirt, Ashton Besides me, Addy in the grayish shirt, and Avery the Shortest one.
These are some yarns that my mom and I spun below.






Mary clare




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