Cute Animals (funny)

Dogs are very cute animals. All dogs are different sizes and there are lots of different types of dogs including Pugs, Great Dane, Labrador, Dalmation, Bulldog, Shepard Dog, Chihuahua and Rottweilers!!! They are all adorable :)

Cats are adorable animals. They are also pets. There are lot of types of cats. One type of cat is a manx cat. It has no tail. Cats are the most common pet around the world alongside a dog. WoW!!!!!!

Rabbits are very common pets in the UK.Rabbits are small mammals and are sometimes wild. They are very cute and like to be held. Ahhh !!!

Hamsters are a weird name for a pet but they are so adorable no one cares.. The smallest hamster was so small it was possible to hold by 3 fingers... When hamsters are hungry they sometimes store food in their mouth and dont eat it until they want to. WoW!!

Rats and Mice are not really house pets but somtimes they are. Not many people like Rats and Mice but some do.. There are two main types. 1: House pets 2: Wild . They are similar to hamsters but personally hamsters are nicer...

Chinchillas are very cute and are so fury its like holding a blanket. Chinchillas are not very common around the world as there are quite few of them around in pet shops. Above is a royal persian angora chinchilla... Ahh!!!

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