Lexi :)

Meet Lily!
this super cute puppy is Lily!!! i love her soo much! is she cute or what!

BIG HEAD!!!!!!

big head... BUT SO CUTE!!!

Ummmmm....... cute... i think.....


is she cute or what!
i just love hamsters! they are so cute! i have a small robo hamsters named zippy! she is the cutest thing! i love her! i got her for my birthday! zippy is super fast! at first i was gonna name her koby, but then i saw how fast she was! thats where i got the name from! i clean her cage every saturday. and i put in her hamster ball twice a week. zippy is awesome!

how cute is this!
cats are just sooo cute!

One of the cutest pups i have seen!

woof woof!


lets play!
i just love puppies! they are the the best pet i can think of. i had a dog. her name was blue. she was big but i still loved her! everyone wants puppies. i dont think that is fair to the other dogs. the poor big dogs! i say people should get them! im not saying not to buy puppies though! i might get a puppy soon! i think ill name her Fiona! i cant wait!

this is Blue!
good old was an amazing dog!! i miss her soo much! she was one of the nicest dogs i have ever met, and no other dog will change that! she would sometimes be a little bad though! i really wish i still have her! i miss blue! blue was my first dog i ever had. we got her from a nice woman named Grace. grace breeded labs! i got blue for x-mas and i was sooo happy!!! blue would get into some trouble though! like one time before halloween, she ate a bag of candy! anyways, blue was a great dog!

tweet tweet!
love.... ANIMALS!

Tillman the skateboarding dog
about Tillman

*he is the worlds fastest skateboarding dog in the world

*Tillman the skateboarding dog is 4 year old dog

*this 4 year old weighs 60 pounds

*even though he weighs a lot, he can do fantastic tricks on his skateboard!

*Tillman has a 40 year old owner names davis

*he is an English Bulldog

*the adventurous dog also snowboards, skimboards, and surfs!

*Tillman skated 100 meters in 19.678 seconds-setting a world record!




frog or cat?!?

dont under estimate me!

pink, or blue

all about my pets

i had momo for a log time. my parents got her from a animal shelter when they got momo. i had her since i was 1. i am now 9 years old! she is very old, but sweet. she loves people. she never scratches. momo is great around other animals. she is a very sweet cat!

zippy is a robo dwarf hamster. she is 2 in. long and weighs less then half a pound! i got her not to long ago. i got her from my parents for my birthday. i have had her for 1 year. her birthday is feb. 19, 2010. she is very fast! i take great care of her! i clean her cage every week, and put her in her hamster ball 2 times a week. i love Zippy!

Blue was a black lab. she was very big. i got her for x-mas and i loved her. she was a great dog we got her from a breeder. she ate a lot though! she ate candy, apples, and cookies. her birthday was december 1st. but one day she died. it was a very sad day. i miss her a lot! i love Blue!

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