monkeys are bananas

hey peeps i got a my fingers

my mom made my hair like elfalfa waaaaa!!!!!!
i love my monkey

my banana dont touch my banana if you do you will be bye bye

i love my bananas
hey everyone how r u????
if you dont now me ill tell you about me. ok,ok
my name is monkey i live in a zoo. i have 6 friends and 3 moms and dads.
come vist me in the gorgia zoo im a zoo keeper.
i love monkeys.
thats why my nick name is monkey.
and i use that name on everything.
tell me about u and ill see you later mabye if you email me we can talk.
(im only 10 years old so be careful my mom loves the zoo shes my friend)

its over i cant find no other good pics
so hope you can see more on some one elses
and remember
dont eat my bananas


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