Horses on our planet

Horses on our planet
the best blog you'll see about horses

horses can also be used to losen the bones of senior citizens when being riden

heres a beautiful one!

heres a newborn pony!
they are often used for pony rides for little kids!

heres a mother horse and her newborn child!
a very big thanks to FotoSearch for the photos!

if you are intrested in reading about horses, i have a title of a book you might like:

HEARTLAND Volume 1-2
By: Lauren Brooke

Heartland is a Horse Farm nestled in the hills of Virginia. Amy calles hertland home and since she was born she has watched her mom instill trust and hope in horses. Heartland is a place like no other, a place where the hearts of horses that were once abused or treated poorly, learn to trust again.

but when a terrible accident happens, amy must hold on to what her mother says:
"miracles can always happen at heartland."

thanks for visiting! have a nice day!

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