Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!
BRRR! Welcome to Antarctica, I have titled this blog, Penguins, Penguins, Penguins, because that's what people think Antarctica is all about. But no, Antarctica is all about...Antarctic places. It's about more than penguins, but they are the major featue in this blog. I am your hostess for now, and I will guide you through what you wan to see.

I will tell you where to find things, according to how far underneath this paragraph they are:

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All About Penguins:

There are all different types of penguins, and they don't all live in cold places. Soem of them live in some of the warmest places on Earth. The penguins are:

1.Galapagos- Galapagos Islands
2.Humbolt- Chile and Peru
3.Rockhopper- Antarctic
4.Magellanic-Antlantic and Pacific coasts of South America
5.Gentoo- Sub Antarctic
7.King-Sub Antarctic
8.Emperor- Continental Antarctica
9.Jackass-Southern Africa
10.Macaroni (and cheese)- Southern oceans
11.Erect-Crested- Antarctic New Zeland
12.Fiordland Crested- Southern New Zeland
13.Little-Southern Australia, Tasmania, New Zeland
14.Royal-Southern New Zeland
15.White Flippered- South Island New Zeland
16.Adelie- Contenental Antarctica
17.Snares Island-Snares Island
18.Yellow Eyed- South Island New Zeland

Those are aall the penguins in the world, sorry about number 9, but, it's what it's called.
Although most penguins do live in the Antarctic, 9% out of 18 do not!Galapagos lives in one of the warmest parts of Earth! How's that for a shocker?

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