Some reptiles can make good pets like the beardeddragon and the iguana they can get really

big. there is also the gila monster it is pretty big to but if you were to get bit the gila

monster would squirt its venum and you would slowly die in pain. there is the komodo dragon

it has 3 eyes, 1 on the back of his head and 2 eyes were we have them. There is the species

of geckos some can make good pets like the leapard gecko they are orange and yellow and a

bit grayish. Some geckos bite like the diurnal gecko has a nasty bite. the basilisk lizard

can run on water. chameleons can change coluors to match there souroundings.

gila monster


basilisk lizard

green iguana

komodo dragon

monitor lizard

diurnal gecko


Some snakes can make good pets like the ribbon snake it gets 1.2 metres,45 cm. there is the

reticulated python one of the worlds bigest snakes, it is 33 f, 10 metres. It eats mammals.

There is the boa constrictor it is 20 feet , 6 metres.

There is the anaconda another big snake it is 33 f , 10 metres. it eats mammals and caiman

There is the false viper it is 28 inches, 70 cm it eats toads and frogs.

There is the mangrove snake it is 8 feet , 2.5 metres it eats birds,bats,lizards and other snakes.

THere are the cobras they grow 2 feet , 60 cm they eat frogs,birds and there eggs,lizards, rats and fish.


ribbon snake

reticulated python

boa constrictor

false viper

mangrove snake


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