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"Snail Mail" Penpals
penfriendship through traditional / postal mail

This area allows you to get snail mail penpals (postal mail, using paper).
In the case you need only e-mail penpals (electronic way), please register here (it's free).

Would you like to get true penfriends, and make true mail exchanges using the traditional / postal way ?

Join our "SNAIL MAIL" list and get SNAIL MAIL penpals ! This list is not published and stays confidential. We will register your resquest ourselves on our private computer, and we will select ourselves your new penpals, according to your wishes (we always manage ourselves all snail mail penpal selections). We guarantee high quality selections !

To send us your order through the internet,
please CLICK HERE:

We manage all selections ourselves (we never publish any name or address). Penpal profiles, once selected from our private database, are sent to concerned people only. We accept no responsibility for consequences of mail exchanges.

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