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In the pharaonic age (from -3200 to -333 BC), there have been about :

11 pharaohs
82 pharaohs
207 pharaohs
950 pharaohs

Question 2 / 8
How old is the oldest known pyramid (king Djoser's step pyramid) ?

-12500 BC
-7120 BC
-3200 BC
-2650 BC

Question 3 / 8
How heavy was the magnificent gold coffin that contained the Tutankhamen's mummy ?

110 Kg (230 pounds)
290 Kg (640 pounds)
825 Kg (1800 pounds)
13 tons

Question 4 / 8
Egyptian people used to engrave their prayers on stone tablets,
but what did they do to allow the Gods to hear them ?

they used loudspeakers
they sacrified half a bull
they read these prayers out loud
they drawn ears on the tablets

Question 5 / 8
Whay did Egyptian people do as a sign of mourning when a pharaoh or a member of their family should die ?

they weared blue clothes
they prayed the Gods for 7 days
they cut their hair
they shaved their eyebrows

Question 6 / 8
According to Egyptian people, which plant had the power to chase snakes away ?

the garlic
the rose
the cactus
the lotus

Question 7 / 8
What did Egyptian women use to make their hair smell nice ?

rose petals
lotus powder
animal fat
Paris perfume

Question 8 / 8
Why did the pharaoh Akhenaton and the queen Nefertiti adore the Sun ?

because they though it was the nicest star
because they though the Sun gave them life
because they were scared of darkness
because they liked to get a tan

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