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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
Lacee (Hungary) - 16/02/2004 : Hello People of Thailand!!! I love Your Country!! My parents were in Pattaya and they love too!!! I want to e-mail or snail-mail with Thai People!!!! Your Friend: Lacee ;)
betsy (taiwan) - 18/02/2004 : um, it would be nice if you guys would put some geography maps up there, so we can just look and see where's populated or whatever. And i think Thailand is aweseom! i'm learning about it in school. so it would be helpful if you'd help me. I luv u thailand!?! ~muahz~
MYG (Thaïlande) - 23/02/2004 : J'aime beaucoup ce pays. Pourquoi ? Allez savoir !
sawako (japan) - 04/03/2004 : I want to know a lot of note and have picture but you have a lot of very much now.
t (thailand ) - 05/03/2004 : Thailand is considered to be the most economical power in Southeast Asia at this moment. The Prime Minister who led thailand to be the leader of Southeast Asia in 2 years. Middle class is gaining rapidly and there are poor people everywhere. As a matter of fact, Chinese-Thai are leading the economy. Thailand is expecting to return as one of the Asian Tigers again. Bangkok has the most skyscrapers and modern city among the cities in Southeast Asia.
Gaët (Belgique) - 12/05/2004 : C'est super la Thaïlande!!!
Sed (France) - 13/06/2004 : Je veux aller vivre en Thailande!!
Hiryanty (Singapore) - 21/06/2004 : I love to go Thailand. I love the food, scenery, the beach and everything! My mum lives there in Sakeo. But I've never been there before.
Pep (Thailand) - 26/08/2004 : It's nice to hear that you guys all love Thailand. I hope that Thai people would realize that and stop polluting our country. I don't think that tall buildings and cars will make Thailand look good in the eyes of foreigners we shouldn't hide our tradition or be ashamed of it. Well I have to go back and revise for my exams now.
jancel lee (philippines) - 09/09/2004 : hello thailand!i love to go there but we cant...we just imagining your place..its so beautiful..
K8 (england) - 12/09/2004 : hiya! i went to thailand at easter and i have to say songkran rocked! i wish we had a festival that good! i was in chiang mai 4 most of it and got completly soaked! Thailand is such a beautiful has gorgeous waterfalls and scenery! when i went i decided i want to live here forever! At the moment i am doing i project on it of some sort and i need to know the most populated cities and their population does anyone have this information or know where i can find it? Thailand rocks (all u thai people i love your country! you are sooooo lucky) xxx
JillyJaxx (UK) - 22/09/2004 : Trouble is all of u are just tourists, doing the same thing....
Norrie Henderson (Scotland / UK) - 30/09/2004 : Visited Singapore,Hong Kong and Bangkok/Phucket in Feb 2004. Don't usually go anywhere twice but very likely to return to Thailand. Only sore points were the air quality in Bangkok - very poor indeed (the 2-stroke engine needs to be binned..speak to Honda, they'll design you a new one on a Saturday morning!)and Phucket's problem lies with some of the single,60+ year-old, male tourists. Overall an enchanting and very friendly country. One to which I will definately return - and may well retire.
() - 30/10/2004 :
() - 30/10/2004 :
Souphaphone (USA) - 31/10/2004 : It is a great web site and hat off to you, but i would like to point out the fact that you fail to mention Lao language as the main language speaking by estimate 20 million ethnic Lao isaan in northeast Thailand. No offense please, It is a fact. Thank you all.
Chaumel (France) - 27/12/2004 : Parce que ce pays m' a séduit au point de prendre une épouse thaïlandaise, que dans deux ans j'y passerai ma retraite.Un pays merveilleux ou la famille royale se devoue pour son peuple,le peuple des campagnes est l'un des plus accueillant du monde(j' ai fait 53 pays),ou le sourire est omniprésent malgré la vie difficile que mène grand nombre de Thaïs et ou chaque individu respecte son Roi, sa nation et est fier d' appartenir à ce pays.Enfin paece que les traditions sont respectées et les gens aime faire la fête à chaque instant de leur vie.
jOSIANE (bELGIQUE) - 13/01/2005 : Je trouve ce pays très intéressant parce que malgré leur petit moyen, ils arrivent quand même à survivre. Cest pour cela que je souhaiterais faire dans quelques années un voyage dans ce magnifique pays. je vous remercie et à bientôt
malrieul (espania) - 13/01/2005 : it s very intressting
monamon (Thailand) - 20/01/2005 : I'm glade to heared from you all like that.I think i'm so lucky that i was born in Thailand and i'm Thai.I have been thinking that i will go to every provinces of Thailand.I have know already first province i should go.It's Suratthani for Samui island....I love the journey
James (Australia) - 09/03/2005 : I have travelled to Thailand twice in 12months & look like I will go there again soon during the next school holiday, I'm a teacher. Thailand is a wonderful country & the people are truly the most friendly you will find in the world. Land of the smile...
cassandra (thailand) - 22/04/2005 : what is buddhism
miami jo (usa) - 24/05/2005 : hello tell me about your country
Muhammad saleem (pakistan) - 24/10/2005 : Really i found love in thailand.
Rose (USA) - 09/11/2005 : Hey! I love Thailand! And I am Thai too. I was born in Bangkok and came here to America. I hope to chat with more Thai people around me!!
Anna (Thailand) - 22/07/2007 : Hello! I'm Anna. I'm Thai. hehe :D
philip (ghana) - 28/07/2007 : hi i love thisb country i even wish i am a citizen fo the country so be proud of your self bye
jen (usa) - 28/11/2007 : Im a thai student but it does not look like it
Hwa (thailand) - 31/03/2008 : thank you , for everyone to love thailand, yours comment make me pround in thai very much!!! love u all
Anthony Lu (Thailand) - 02/06/2016 : Hello what's up i like Thailand Becaues i love kittens

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