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ashley (u.s.a) - 27/03/2004 : i'm studying it in school it is not bad like alot of the others.
Jenni (Philippines) - 11/09/2004 : I need info about Norwegian culture, can anyone help me??
Lianna (USA) - 10/11/2004 : sorry i dont know were u can find it u can use a search engine
NORWAY (NORWAY) - 20/11/2004 : MAKE SOME PICTURES OF YOUR OWN COUNTRY (SO TAKE SOME PICTURES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
catherine (canada) - 12/03/2005 : quel animaux animaux vive en norvege? quel sorte de végétation y a-t-il en norvege? quel sorte de fleur y a-t-il là-bas? (norvege)
mike (USA) - 30/03/2005 : Put atleast the two major rivers down!
Anant (United States of America) - 30/03/2005 : I love this website! It shows everything about Norway. Uhhhhhhh!
bob (norway) - 16/04/2005 : hi
reeedwaan (morocco) - 22/04/2005 : hi everyone, i ve been in love with norway since i first saw a documentary on national geography about it.i d like to know more.thanks
Katharina (Norway) - 28/04/2005 : Hi everyone! If some of you need more info about Norway, you can just mail me and ask. I have many answers to give, so come on and mail me=)
reeedwaan (morocco) - 30/04/2005 : hi katharina, i d like to know anything u think it interesting to know about your marvellous country.i could not emal u directly as my pc got something incompatible;this is my email address though : thanks a lot
Biz (america) - 11/05/2005 : is opo music very big in Norway or is Rock more popular?
Mario (USA) - 15/05/2005 : I am planning to move to Trondheim in the fall, but I am still a little unsure about it cause of the weather, lifestyle and all those things. I live in Miami which is a warm, sunny, tropical place so any info about the negative things or problems i will have in norway will be appreciated. Something else, if anybody knows about the quality of education in NTNU and its recognition around europe , please tell me
Katharina (Norway) - 15/05/2005 : Oh my god! I wrote so many mistakes, that I have to write it all over again. Hi Biz! No, opo music is not very big in Norway. Honestly, I have never heard of it, but it is probably different in the country. Rock isn't very big either, pop music is basically the most popular music. Most popular is music from the United States, but we have some Norwegian singers as well... Anything else?:)
Mia (Norway) - 15/05/2005 : Oslo is a great city to visit if you like shopping:D
Katie (usa) - 19/05/2005 : I think norwigains are cool
Hanne Elise (Norway) - 21/06/2005 : yeah, norways great.. but if you want to do something, you have to live in oslo, thats bad for us that lives in the other cities.. (live in stavanger)
Johanna (Indonesia) - 23/08/2005 : This website remaind me, when I was studying in Kristiansand. I love the landscape of Norway. The weather is ok too, even I came from the tropical country.
jakob (u.s) - 01/12/2005 : norway is great
Margrethe (Norway) - 16/02/2006 : I love to live in Norway :) It's really nice to live here :0)
Maxime (Norvege) - 18/04/2006 : Hey mon nom et Maxime et jamerais avoir de linformation sur le pays NORVEGE svp cela serasi vrm apprecier !! Merci au plus vite possible ou meme par la poste postal merci tiguidou t-c ZAGAZA
dummy (USA) - 27/04/2006 : norway is the dumbest
Pierre (FRANCE) - 03/05/2006 : Hei Norsk!!! Jeg liker Norge!!!! Vive la Norvège!! Norsk & Fransk soyons venn!! Pourquoi personne ne parle Norsk mais anglais?
chris (england) - 03/05/2006 : wat is da biggest river in norway?
Pierre (FRANCE) - 12/05/2006 : Liker dere Frankrike? Jeg liker Norge!!
Raju (Nepal) - 18/06/2006 : Hi I am interested at knowing anything about norway as i am planning to visit norway.i find this as a great place but i havenot ever been please can u help me??
Your Canadian Kin (Canada) - 25/08/2006 : That is a fitting name you have given yourself, 'Dummy'. Dont badmouth Norway. Who doesn't like the Norse????
linuo (China) - 01/10/2006 : I am an chinese girl, i am planning to go to Norway for farther education. So i want to know more about Norway.
Kéké (Canada) - 09/04/2007 : Hi, I want information about this country, because I'm doing a big project. Can anyone give me sites... or information... thank you!!!
Prince S (France) - 25/04/2007 : I will go in Trondheim in May for 4 month and I am looking for student who plan to stay in Trondheim during the holiday.
Prince S (France) - 25/04/2007 : If you want to answer me directly
Anna (Thailand) - 22/07/2007 : Hello!:D
E.A. (Canada) - 26/07/2007 : Here's a cool website to check out about Norway:
sara (us) - 20/11/2007 : Hey love your name it is very unique mine is to my name is tanith TAN-ITHwhat is norway like?
brittlyn (canada) - 06/03/2008 : i need to know what language they spek in norway?
Brittlyn (canada) - 06/03/2008 : I'm studying norwat in school and i need to know what they make there and what kind of religion they have and how did they become a contry and what language they speack there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you have any information just wright it on this bord on the bottom of the web page.!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Espen (norway) - 30/04/2008 : what is a quick fact for norway?
espen (norway) - 30/04/2008 : yi elsca norge
Espen (norway) - 30/04/2008 : norway is great
stanislav (stanley) (slovakia) - 16/01/2016 : god dag alle smmen..I would like to learn Norwegian and one of my systems is based on movie (with subs) watching.I would like to ask you if there are some Norwegian internet sites wher Ican find Norwegian original movies with Eng.subtitles, or English movies with Norwegian subs..thxs.

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