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kelly (australia) - 02/03/2004 :
kelly (Australia) - 02/03/2004 : vietnam is very hot
Nguyen Huu Khoi (Viet Nam) - 30/03/2004 : please provide me the information of vietnamese provinces distance
gerry (québec) - 18/04/2004 : J'aime el riz
stinlizzy (france) - 01/05/2004 : never been there but would love to discover this beautiful country.
huynh (france) - 05/05/2004 : Quel beau pays avec sa culture unique!Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ce pays n'hésitez à prendre contact avec moi!
limbo (unack) - 18/05/2004 : neeed more pictures, good info.
trang (vietnam ) - 08/06/2004 : i want to see picture in ho chi minh city not in ha noi
Thế Luân (Việt Nam) - 14/06/2004 : This is a beautiful country and friendly. Come and discover !
Dr Will (USA) - 05/07/2004 : Viet Nam is one of the most beautiful countries in the World. The people of Viet Nam are some of the stongest people I have ever known.
tb (australia) - 28/07/2004 : the people are nice,the government is uncivilized due to corruption and jungle laws...........................
Nhan (Vietnam) - 16/08/2004 : Hi, I'm 25 now, too old to join this page? Fun is no barrier at ages, isn't it? I'm living HCMC and working as technical saleman. I am willing to be your guide when you visit HCMC. Let me show you how warm of our heat, how friendly of our city
bryannna (USA) - 18/08/2004 : i would like to learn your languge. It sounds fun.
Diem Hanh (Australia) - 27/08/2004 : Viet Nam is a really wonderful country I've been to throughout my life. I wish my cousins are here! Thanks to everyone who has been to Viet Nam
Lily (Vietnamese in Thailand) - 03/09/2004 : Nice beach, nice food, nice sceneries, nice people. Vienam has all the advantages to become much much better. I just wish people there will be more friendly (smiling like Thais) and more and more organized (public transportation, housings, ... faster and more organized customs proceduce for the first and last images about the country..., beter and better public services, change minds with delight thoughts and teach childen about that, help and strengthen traditional products for export.... With these, the country will be stronger for local lives and have better images with international friends and can attract more and more tourists coming, which is one of the fastest and effective ways to introduce the nation with foreigners and therefore, attract more foreign investment as well since they can't help of loving to visiting, working then living there. I take Singapore as a beloved sample for 'doi moi' the country. And I love Vietnam.
Diem Hanh (Australia) - 24/10/2004 : I really love going to Vietnam, this is my 2nd time writing in here and getting it published. Thanks again to all those who have been to Vietnam. Hot Country You Deserve To Go To.
Tim (australia) - 04/11/2004 : I went to Viet Nam for the month of August ,it was so good I am now planning to come back to teach english as a second language in Ha Noi , this holiday was fantastic great people ,great food and a wondeful country , I loved every minute
Anthony (Britain) - 21/11/2004 : Could you show me the percentage of VN population between urban and rural areas. It means that how many percent of total lives the urban and how many lives in the rural? Thanks
Nicola (Australia) - 02/12/2004 : hey dose any one know about the arts of vietnam cause i cant find any thing about it and the assignment is due next week!!!! See You later
Isuru (Sri Lanka) - 08/12/2004 : I'm like to Viet Nam very much
jo (france) - 18/12/2004 : I'm going to vietnam next summer for a humanitarian mission. Could you tell me what it looks like?
Kaman (Quebec) - 11/01/2005 : I think Viet Nam is a great place to be.My mother was born there!^o^
Jessie (Diem Hanh) (Australia) - 09/03/2005 : if u wan info from me juz add coz i've been to vietnam quite a few times, lolz anywayz i'm turning 13 ^^ cyall
Emily (Australia) - 09/03/2005 : I was luckey to visit Vietnam for 3 weeks in Janurary.The people are really sweet and caring but if you where to go there be careful of your belonings because they are very poor people so they may steal your stuff. Every thing is cheep but the really cheep stuff dose not last very long so don't expect much. It is a great country to visit. (i am 13)
Phuong Thanh (Vietnam ) - 20/03/2005 : I miss Vietnam Tet hix hix really really bad , I want to eat watermelon seeds
Duy (VietNam) - 27/03/2005 : TOURIST GUIDE!!!! I was born in NhaTrang city and living in HoChiMinh city.So I know 2 city well about cheap and delicious food,place for entertainment,sightseeing...I'm willing to free tourist guide in order to present about my fatherland for someone really like VietNam.My email:
ha -loan (Canada) - 07/04/2005 : hi everyone ! i'm french, but i'm actually vietnamese (can't lie with it !) and i'm studying here, in Canada. My wish is to become vet and then work in Asia, VN above all !!! hl, 19 yr-old now...
Benn (Thailand) - 19/04/2005 : I think Vietnam is Beautiful place ......[I'm 18 year] In next time I'll traval to Vietnam.......I'm Thai Girl
Phuong (UK) - 21/04/2005 : Well, I miss my Hanoi sooooooo much. Hey Phuong Thanh, where are you then? Coz we have load of watermelon seeds here in UK :D. Hope to back home this summmer :(
David (France) - 12/05/2005 : J'aime beaucoup le Vietnam, ca m'a l'air d'etre un très très (très) beau pays.. dommage que la langue soit si compliquée à apprendre :( ;)
Van Anh (Vietnam) - 18/08/2005 : Visit Vietnam and with us to feel love from the land
Bill Clinton (USA) - 16/09/2005 : , SUPRISE ,im bill , VIET NAM is wonderful country ,let find it urself , i love this country
moi (france) - 16/09/2005 : i'have been working in vietnam for 3 months (training course) it's a wonderful country
jazz (HUFLIT, VIETNAM) - 18/09/2005 : Viet Nam is a beautiful country, and I am proud of my country. Welcome everyone in the world to come to VietNam. Vietnamese r very hospitality, friendly,easy to make friend
jazz (HUFLIT,VIETNAM) - 18/09/2005 : HoChiMinh city is wonderful place to visit.Don't miss it if you have been in VietNam.
VAN (VIETNAM) - 18/09/2005 : If you really love the beautiful and peaceful land, Why don't you visit to Vietnam.
Huyen (HUFLIT,VIETNAM) (VIET NAM) - 18/09/2005 : I think Vietnam is an idea destination for everyone all over the world because its peaceful and beautiful nature landscapes.I love Vietnam so much.
nguyenthanh (vietnam) - 20/09/2005 : yaa vietnam is beautiful with warm people .im foreign students i miss my city HUE.
Lamcanh ((NiiT VietNam,Hufilit VN)) - 20/09/2005 : ^^ , nice to meet all you here . I think VietNam is a friendly contry. Well come to VietNam
nguyendinhbao (vietnam) - 23/09/2005 : chao tat ca cac ban toi la nguyen dinh bao , sinh ngay 19 thang 5 nam 1984 , hien dang la sinh vien nam 4 , truong dai hoc bach khoa . tphcm hoc khoa cong nghe thong tin , toi co the
acma (vietnam) - 23/09/2005 : ^_^ yah , i love my land most , still poor but friendly and peaceful ^_^ come with us and ya will see ^_^...
diary_in_rain (Viet Nam) - 26/09/2005 : Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy 2 buy, but sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when U stop dreaming, hope ends when U stop believing, love ends when U stop caring, friendship ends when U stop sharing. So share this with whom ever U consider a friend. To love without talk without intention.............. to give without reason ................. and to care without the heart of a true friend......... forward this to all the people whom u consider as ur true friend.
soccon (HA0303) - 27/09/2005 : Viet Nam is a wonderful country!!^_^ .Viet Nam has a long beach and a lot of many landscapes.Vietnamese is friendly, honestly and lovely.Food of Vietnamese is so great ^_^. I'm very proud of Vietnamese.Wellcome everybody all over the world come to Vietnam.
tieuVy (Vietnamese) - 27/09/2005 : i miss Viet Nam so much.Next time, i hope that i can come back my own country .
Huỳnh Thanh (VIET NAM) - 05/10/2005 : I love VIETNAM , VIETNAM very peaceful . A country with people very kind-hearted . My neme Thanh , I live in Can Tho City, WELCOME EVERYBODY VISIT MY COUNTRY .
shankar (india) - 06/10/2005 : i love vietnam people, who easy be friend,also love to stranger,thanks
shankar (india) - 06/10/2005 : I LOVE TRAN........WHO LIVES VANGTAU CITY, CO BACK STREET WARD4 VIETNAM
viet (vietnam) - 29/10/2005 : hey shankar, Vietnamese love indian people too... you are very kind and... haha...pretty ok i will not tell more...i have an indian bf he is great. If u have chance com'on come over here i will show u around vietnam laos cambodia...thats interesting. leave ur email my email is (Vietnam, Nha Trang ) - 06/11/2005 : Your best travel partner in Nha Trang , Vietnam Votre meilleux partenaire de voyage a Nha Trang
Wushu (India) - 29/11/2005 : hi , Vietnami friends i am an indian like vietnames i want to their on december for ten days 3to 16 i will be thier then i want to know about their peoples culture and more inytresting things please mail me or contect me .
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Thuan Hoa (Viet Nam) - 07/02/2006 : Your Travel Best Partner From Hue, Viet Nam - See more:
http://www.voyagevietnam. (Vietnam) - 20/03/2006 : Motorbiking, Motorcycling, Motorbike, Motorcycle, 4X4, Fiesta, Trekking & Kayaking Tours, Rental, Ride in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (Indochina) and China.,,,,
lisa (vietnam) - 25/03/2006 : Vietnam isso hot that you don't go there often you may get sick.
De Men at yahoo (Viet Nam) - 09/04/2006 : I'm vietnamese . I love vietnam because it' the place where i'm born and grew up .this place has the people i love and love me.the hot climate of viet nam can make me healthier
salut tout le monde (vietnam) - 25/04/2006 : très beau pays je fais une recherche sur le pays. Wow! very beatiful contry.
salut tout le monde (canada) - 25/04/2006 : je me suis trompé je ne vien pas du viet nam sorry! lol je suis du canada.
marie-laure (FRANCE) - 05/06/2006 : j ai toujours ete attiree par le Viet-Nam c'est un pays dont je reve dont j'ai beaucoup entendu parler et qui cree beaucoup de convoitises dans le passe, mon pere s'y est battu et a failli y mourir. J'aimerais y aller.
vilei_may (canada) - 10/06/2006 : ok i'll join u i kind a love viet nam too. but do u really speak french over there????? 'cause i have this cousin he's not vietnamese btu he's always saying u do.but i also got this classmate who came from viet nam but she can't speak french at all she can't even understand bonjour!!!!!wierd!! and i also see in this site that vietnam speaks in english but my classmate didn't even understand english all she can understand is yes & no even chinese she can't but she really came from vietnam!!!!! she's also eating this weird launches like rice w/ a lot of water mixed it's like vomit!!!!!!and everyday rice...sometimes it stinks but when i read this it's not that bad i'm just wondering a lot!!!!! if u got a good explanation for this email me plz!!!!!!!!even in french~~~!!!!!!!!!!! and second thaught i kind a respect ur culture and i luv ur country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope (canada) - 18/10/2006 : J'aime beaucoup la vietnam... Mon pere est du viet nam....
david (usa) - 27/10/2006 : i was in vietnam last december , i cant wait to go back , everyone was so good to me .
Chau (Canada) - 20/11/2006 : J'ai toujours voulu mieux visiter ce beau pays et en même temps connaître une autre facette de ce qu'on m a raconté de péjoratif dans son compte........j'y retourne bientôt j'espère.
quang anh (viet nam) - 14/01/2007 : toi muon tim tai lieu ve GDP,GNP theo vung cua Viet Nam,thi co co tim o dau..
Evelyne (France) - 03/07/2007 : I love Vietnamese people and the culture, my mother is vietnamese and escape, I hate communism and dictatorship!!! say you love Vietnam while your brothers are suffering and dying!!!!!!!!!
kimchi (france) - 28/12/2007 : coucou tout le mondes!
kimchi (france) - 28/12/2007 : je m'appelle kim-chi et jsuis d'origine du viet nam (hô chi minh ville) l'année prochaine j'y retourne la basj'ai 12 ans!!!! repondez moi s'il vous plait
tushar (usa) - 09/01/2008 : i have went to vietnam tow times is realy good place to go ...l.
Emily (China ) - 28/01/2008 : I like Viet Nam, wanting to travel Viet Nam sometime this year, may I know where I can get a publication introduce about the resorts or hotel of Viet Nam? Thanks.

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