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Caroline (France) - 31/07/2004 : I have just been in the BVI,british Virgin Island,it is really a great place,I spent 2 weeks in Virgin Gorda,it is not a big island,but it was for me the paradise,especially the snorkelling there was wonderful!The Baths is there one of the best place to swim and snorkel,and it is known in the worldwide!!I saught Stingray,parrots fishes,and more!!!!the Baths it is a place where there are the famous builders!!like in Seychelles!!!I took many pictures there,it is so marvelous!!!!!! More over I did scubadiving there,one of the most famous dive there is the wreck of the Rhone,but I had not the luck to do it!!but I do scubadiving and again,I saw wonderful fishes,angel fish,trigger fish,great Baracuda,nurse shark,lemon shark....................the corals were not wonderful but the animals!!!great!!!!!!! I recommend this place to everybody! Try to avoid Tortola,which is for me not nice,it is too busy and not clean and inhabitants I met there was not so friendly! trust me! Virgin Gorda is the best island of the BVI!!!!!!!!!!! On Tortola,there is only one thing you could do and would be great is to make a discovery encounter with dolphins,you will swim with them!!!it is a great moment!!!!! If you want or need more information about this island,don't hesitate,I would be happy to answer you!!!!
Kelly (U.S.) - 24/10/2004 : The BVI was one of the most spectacular places i've ever been to!!And as for Kyle...U ROCK BRO!!!!!
Linda (new jersey, United States) - 13/10/2005 : Hello Everyone...I recently had the awesome pleasure of visiting Virgin Gorda, Nail Bay. I stayed in the beautiful Rambutan villa, overlooking the ocean and the 'Dog Islands'. The sunsets were gorgeous, unusual weather patterns, but not complaining, very relaxing. I felt like I was shipwrecked on a private island because you did not see to many people unless you drove down the mountain to Spanish Town. Goats ran free on the island, as did roosters, chickens, and adorable little lizards. I could not believe that there were no bugs to bite the whole time, Only beautiful birds. The villa was spectacular as were the special chefs, serving up filet mignon, lobster, champagne, and lets not forget the brushetta. The pool was exhilerating. If you want to escape to paradise this is definitely the place to go. I will be going back asap.....Anyone wishing to e-mail me, I would love to return a message or answer your questions. Regards, Island Girl
Charly (France) - 16/01/2008 : Salut a tous, je voudrais savoir si l'or du débarquement (car je fais une croisière avec costa) à Tortola si on peu trouver une excursion à Virgin Gorda moins cher que sur le bateau de croisière (quel tarif à peu pret?)?Et aussi quels sont les plus beau endroits à visiter sur cette ile? Merci par avance de vos réponses...

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