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Romina Muñoz (Uruguay) - 07/02/2004 : Hola a todos los que le gusta Uruguay yo soy Uruguaya y te lo digo a mucha onrra ahora estoy en EE.UU y extraño a Uruguay Que suerte que tiene la gente que esta en Uruguay Para mi ese es el pais mas bueno que pude ver en ese pais no hay otro pais mejor que ese bueno me despido chauu!!!!!
sydney (france) - 05/03/2004 : uruguay is a nice country i went there during 3 weeks and it was so great, there're beautiful playas for example at Punta Del este con wonderful houses.......sincerly Uruguay is a country for visiting! it was so great!
Arno (Taiwan) - 23/03/2004 : Halo kid? wat is your plot
Mac (Norway) - 22/04/2004 : Uruguay seems like a very nice country to visit. Is it an expensive country or can you get by on a low budget?
GEORGE (URUGUAY) - 19/05/2004 : What is the percent of people educated in URUGUAY?
Sheima Townsend (United States) - 15/11/2004 : Uruguay is nothing short of amazing. I love everything I have read about this country. I would love to visit this place one day. I know it is beautiful.
Patricia (Uruguay) - 01/04/2005 : Hi! I am a teacher in U.S. now but I am an Uruguayan from the bottom of my heart. My students are learning all about it (including the accent) and are driving their parents crazy to visit it.To everybody intersted in going to my country, please do so, you won't regret it! Not only has nice landscapes and nature but its people is really friendly and kind. Hope to see you there...I'll go soon!
mary (canada) - 14/04/2005 : what is the culture like in uruguay
Jakob (Germany) - 14/04/2005 : Hi,I am from Germany.Last year I visit Montevideo.I love this town.. and the kindly peoples.Every thing is so easy in Uruguay, if you have a good feeling for this beautyfull country. I go back next year for a long time....
Martin Thomas (Uruguay) - 20/04/2005 : Hello, I answer Mac about budget here, nowadays you can have a decent lunch in a montevideo Restaurant for 8 dollars, take a taxi by 5 dollars. So after de devaluation of our currency the peso uruguayo its quite cheap for europeans and americans (From the north). If some english native speaker came in april do not hesitate to contact me, i would like to practice my english, because I am going to UK soon. Regards...
Tammy (United States) - 16/08/2005 : I'm curious to know what type of music is popular in Uruguay. Are international bands such as U2 and Nine Inch Nails as popular there as they are here in the states?
Jacqueline Nieves (USA) - 15/09/2005 : Uruguay is my native land. Although I was born in the USA, the rest of my family was born in Montevideo. Right now, I am attempting to get a dual citizenship and, finally, be a Uruguayan citizen. Tammy, U2 is as popular in Uruguay as in the US. The economy is in a bit of a rut, but, I adore the country. It's been 7 long years since I've been able to visit. I'd love to be able to visit again some time soon!
Patricia (Uruguay) - 28/12/2005 : I'm answering Tammy. We don't have very famous singers except for the one that won last year's (2005)oscar for best song, Jorge Drexler. It was the first time a latinamerican singer and writer won one. He is one of the singers we have in Uruguay but our music culture is way more complex and rich. You can check out his website at You have other websites where you can find more Uruguayan singers and more information about Uruguay's music. These are:Rhythm CANDOMBE, rhythm TANGO, rhythm MURGA, all rhythms blended in POP (go to videos, Mi pais -my country- it's great)
Patricia (Uruguay) - 28/12/2005 : Answering George...if you go to and you will find that information and more about Uruguay!
Julie Cortez (uninted States) - 13/03/2007 : I am wondering what do tourists visiting Uruguay like to do? What do they want to see or eat?
Wendley (Netherlands Antilles) - 20/03/2007 : QUESTION;A state motto is used to describe the intent or motivation of the state in a short phrase.What is the national motto for Uruguay?
irati (españa) - 27/04/2007 : soy española pero me encanta uruguay
andrea (uruguay) - 12/12/2007 : no i dont like it.

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