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john t. schimpf (united states of america) - 10/02/2004 : i thought that your sight was wonderful. iam doing a project in school. this sight gave me very useful information. please right back!
Hussain (Sri Lanka) - 19/04/2004 : Je suis né au Sri Lanka. Je trouve ce pays cool hot et très beau. Je suis maintenant a Montreal Jai visiter 2 fois et cette été je retourne pour finir un problem une fois pour toute.
Tania (Australia) - 28/07/2004 : Sri Lanka Is a very beautiful country, lots of things to see. Shopping in Sri Lanka is the best, every thing is sooo cheap. you must visit this place. I loved it.
Achala (Japan) - 24/08/2004 : Sri Lanka is very very beautiful country with various climatic conditions along different elevations.
Zuhal (Germany) - 01/09/2004 : I think Sri Lanka is a marvellous's wunderfull!
Suneth (Singapore) - 20/09/2004 : Sri lanka is a wonderful country that you can find everythink in it.Even for the natural buety sri lanka is the best.
kelvin rivera (United States) - 04/10/2004 : Sri Lanka seems very interesting to learn about I'm on this web site because I'm doing a project on Sri Lanka.Hopefully I get an A+ well got to go!!!!!!!
jennifer (Puerto Rico) - 04/10/2004 : I have never been to Sri Lanka, but it seems nice
Bhakthi (Canada) - 06/10/2004 : Sri Lanka is a great country, you can go to my website for more interesting things about SriLanka at
Bin Larden (Afganisthaan) - 06/10/2004 : oooh maahnn.... vaaery god... annauy appaaah, sirilanka great ratak thama..... Macha ela site macha naseee... baka baka.
Rachael (U.S) - 20/11/2004 : Sri alnka is beutiful but also very poor, but we can help change that! This webpage needs to more info like where do the people live and why!
xu panpan (china) - 06/12/2004 : this is a heautiful country.And I just read a lot of information about this place.I like it.Give my regards to it and its people.
youssef (morocco) - 29/12/2004 : my condelence to the people of Sri Lanka after the quake earth, and hope you will surmount the catastrophy soon
virginie (France) - 31/12/2004 : je suis née au Sri-Lanka mais j'ai été adoptée à l'âge de deux mois (donc je n'ai aucun souvenir de là-bas).Avec mes parents on a prévu d'y retourner pour me faire découvrir mes origines.Sans réellement connaître ce pays je l'aime déjà et je suis persuadée que ce sera un voyage merveilleux...
diana (usa) - 03/01/2005 : I feel so bad for the people of Ski,Lanka.may God Bless you all . Iam so sorry about the Tidal Wave . God Bless all the little children and there parents
ABHAYA (France) - 17/01/2005 : Nous partons à Lanka le 9 février via Geneve-Zurich. Mon mari est sri lankais. Nous nous proposons de faire passer des messages sur place. Nous restons 3 semaines et nous ferons tout notre possible pour aider. Nos amis nous ont confié leurs dons pour que nous achetions sur place ce qui est necessaire aux habitants les plus démunis. Avec nos moyens nous ferons tout ce qui en notre pouvoir pour être solidaires.
mina (france) - 29/01/2005 : je voufrais partir au sri lanka pour aider à la reconstruction. je suis professeur de français pour les étrangers et je pourrai aider les écoles. si vos avez des contacts merci de me les envoyer. d'avance merci
Missy (United States ) - 08/02/2005 : I am doing a report on Sri Lanka and this sight has helped me more than any sight I have gone to. Your awesome.
kalithasan (sri lanka) - 21/02/2005 : je suis née la bas ce pays est formidable
Claire (USA) - 08/03/2005 : This site is great. I am doing a country profile for geography class. Your site helped me get all the information I needed. Keep up the great work ;)
Buwa Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - 23/03/2005 : Mara wonderful conuntry ekkak thama.meya.Arrrima Lassanai!!!mamath ehen thama enne!!!But this site provided me with very useful info with my project.
ola (brezil) - 22/04/2005 : hi i love brezil so much because i borned teher and it is a large city and tourist
Sassie (France) - 14/10/2005 : Je suis née là-bas moi aussi, et je dois dire que c'est le plus beau pays au monde! La perle de l'Océan Indien!! J'y suis retournée il y a 3 ans, et j'ai hate d'y retourner l'été prochain.
Jenna (Sri Lanka) - 26/05/2006 : I did Sri Lanka...this site is good, but could have more information and much of it is taken from the world fact book online.
mohit (india) - 29/07/2006 : Lanka seems very interesting to learn about I'm on this web site because I'm doing a project on Sri Lanka.Hopefully I get an A+ well got to go!!!!!!!
Desiree (North America) - 03/11/2006 : hello this site has been so helpful thanks alot
Lahiru (Sri Lnaka) - 31/03/2007 : heeey sri lanka is the greatest place on earth :), and if kandy is the most beautifull city in sri lanka. There is a place called AMAYA HILLS in kandy that you can stay, if u need any information just send a mail to me on
sunfer (Lanka(the best)) - 26/06/2007 : i havent any word to say that the beauty of lanka. actually! really!! of course!!! certainly!!!! indeed!!!!!
kumar warnakulasooriya (Sri Lanka) - 03/08/2007 : Sri LANKA IS A BEATIFUL DESTINATION FOR EVERY VISOTOR . tHIS ISLAND IN TEH Sun is a wonderful place to livewhat wa wa..kumar
Qurie (Sri Lanka) - 22/10/2007 : Sri Lanka is fun
Qurie 3 (Sri Lanka) - 24/10/2007 : Sri Lanka is cool mate
: Sri Lanka is cool mate
umama (Sri Lanka) - 09/11/2015 : Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country. I am proud of living here
Tharushi (Sri Lanka) - 18/04/2016 : I'm truly proud to be a Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka is a country with a great history and technology.

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