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Celina Fessal (Saint Lucia) - 02/05/2004 : I am a St. Lucian. Some of the information you have is incorrect. George Odlum has since passed away. So the party he was heading is no more. Also Morella Joseph now works at CARICOM in Guyana (so her part in the UWP) is no more. You did not mention one of our major events which take place in May - the St. Lucia Jazz Festival - I could name a few more. Also you have no photos - not even opur famous twin Pitons!!
odlum emmanuella (france) - 21/05/2004 : jaimerai bien avoir d autre renseignement sur la famille odlum . car mon nom es odlum merci d avance.
Tel kelly (Sainte Lucie) - 09/11/2004 : il manque des informations sur le type de tourisme et le commerce
beatrice (england) - 16/03/2006 : iwould like to know if st lucia have sentral heating and if they do how much do they use it and what sort of things do you have that we dont? please reply
beatrice (england) - 16/03/2006 : i am so sorry but because i am engish i could not understand what you said
odlum (france) - 06/11/2006 : je ss odlum laurent, je ss née en guadeloupe,mon pere s'appelle odlum férié fredéric,actuellement je ss militaire de carrière et j'aimerai bien connaitre sur la famille qui habite Sainte-Lucie. A bientot
tyra (afghanistan) - 22/02/2007 : it is cool
anthea (st.lucia) - 19/10/2007 : beside information for tourist there is no other informaton about st.lucia for locals. information must be made available for locals. that's very bad.

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