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babygurl (afganastan) - 14/05/2004 : this site needs a lot o pic. on nicaragua
Ivan (USA) - 04/08/2004 : I visited Nicaragua for 3 weeks last month. I fell in love with this country, its people and most of all its way of life. Go Nicaragua!!!
Pandofilo Bardemian (Costa Rica) - 07/09/2004 : I am a Nicaraguan born of Armenian-Ukrainian heritage. I was raised in Costa Rica, and visited Nicaragua for the first time in my life. (tecnically since I was born and moved to Costa Rica). I also fell in love with Nicaragua, and I am proud to be from here.
conny Echegoyen (usa) - 12/09/2004 : I from managua nicaragua and my country is very beutiful and i thank all the persons that likes my country.
sandra (canada) - 15/12/2004 : yo fui a Nicaragua y no me gusto porque la gente es muy desagradable.
Maureen (USA) - 09/01/2005 : I visited Nicaragua with my sister and two friends. We were enchanted with the country, and the extremely friendly people, and we all plan to go back next year. Nicaragua is like a cheaper, more exotic version of Florence with its great architecture, and also has the funnest baseball games in the world.
sandra (canada) - 14/01/2005 : traduction de mon dernier message: jaime bien le nicaragua mais les gen son desagreable.
sandra (etas unis) - 14/01/2005 : I am nicaraguan born of armenian-ukrainian heritage.i was raised in costa rica , and visited nicaragua for the first time in my life.(tecnically since i was born andmoved to costa rica) i also fell in love with nicaragua , and i am proud to be from here.
rachel (United States) - 28/02/2005 : if you are researching this country you are nuts. It is very hard to find info on this.
Yvette (Suisse) - 07/05/2005 : J'ai trouvé très bien le Nicaragua, mais le voyage est très difficile à cause des nombreuses escales 'merdiques' (les correspondances ne jouent pas) au retour, évitez de passer par Miami!!!(l'horreur!) ,Mais quel beau pays avec des habitants plutôt sympa.
zen (france) - 25/10/2005 : Je suis nicaraguayenne et j aime mon pays merci à tous pour vos commentaires.
ds (usa) - 14/03/2007 : my moms from there and since im doing a project now i can extract info from her
MEh (Nicaragua) - 22/04/2008 : really cool to go to and see new people

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