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megan (nepal) - 26/04/2004 : i love the culture that i see in nepal. the way people live is amazing.
chandu (india) - 12/07/2004 : nepal is a beautiful place in the world
lisa v (usa) - 05/09/2004 : i havent ever seen Nepal , but it looks so beutiful!
John (UK) - 02/10/2004 : Nepal is a place of wonders, all 7 wonders of the world of natural beauty are here. VISIT NEPAL!! u'll enjoy
Hannah (USA) - 24/11/2004 : 11\\23\\04: Nepal is a beautiful place. I kinda wish I lived there!
nene (korea) - 29/03/2005 : i love nepal. scenery is beautiful beyond description! and nepali is so kind!
Daniel (Colombia) - 05/05/2005 : Nepal is the place beautiful, I would like visted the shomolung
Catherine (U.S.A) - 14/05/2005 : Nepal is an amazing place. Great Himalayas, Mountains, Rivers, Jungles, diverse Cultures, Nicest People... just to name a few. Nepal visit is a must in a lifetime. We go there once every 4-5 years and have never had a dull moment. Thanks to our agent Sungava Travels. Visit Nepal and you'll see...
virginia norfolk (new zealand) - 26/06/2005 : nepal sound so cool people are nice and also great atmoshpere
Durga (singapore) - 30/07/2005 : hi. jus got to knw more abt nepal.. ter is a beauty in tis country. n i luv to learn nepali... anyone out ter whu knows nepali ... i wld like u to teach me...
Pierre (France) - 01/09/2005 : I study nepali in University, and i love this country more and more. This country is really beautiful and nepalese people is really friendly. Go to Nepal everyone ! ^^
Jyoti (India) - 20/09/2005 : I love NEPAL.
dian (indonesia) - 11/10/2005 : i don't know Nepal, but it seem so beautiful..i write about nepal on my thesis, so i need more information about nepal...any information (spc. about politic, the rebellion, and the government)..if anyone can help me, please send me an email on or, thank's!
Alfa (Kaybeque) - 19/11/2005 : Vive le NÚpal!!! Les Kaybequ...koi vous aiment!!!
k.p.u.r.sujila (sri lanka) - 03/04/2006 : i love to pokhara but i cant stay there i dont have visa anyhow i will come againto pokhara, it is so beautiful place
san (America) - 16/05/2006 : Dear Nepal Travellers, if you want to go nepal for trekking, travel, climbing,expeditions,treks,rafting please get the detail information from where you found the country information guide and recents travel and tourism news and also provide quick e-mail responce. thanks san United states of america
sujila (sri lanka ) - 23/05/2006 : i have stayed almost 10 months in this beautiful place(pokhara), 25th of June i will be return to sri lanka hop to be come back
kulendra (Nepal) - 11/07/2006 : Nepal's popularity as a tourist destination has increased vastly over the last three decades. So have infrastructure and the possibility of visiting the far-flung parts of this mountain kingdom. Today, tourism is the major foreign exchange earner for the country and employs/engages a sizeable number of locals. Nepal has now emerged as a destination that prides itself on offering the best of services to traveler and tourist, suiting a whole range of budgets and offering multiple possibilities to explore this land. Adventure tourism here dates back to the early attempts to scale the world's highest peaks. It has come a long way since. While trekking, mountaineering and game watching have long been popular, an entire range of other possibilities have been explored in the recent years- rafting, biking, fishing, rock climbing, paragliding, ultra-light aircraft, hot air ballooning, mountain flight, cargo, Nepalese Khukuri, thangka Paintings, arts and craft, banks, hotels, lodge, resorts, guest house, manpower agency, courier, handicraft, hospitals, insurance, statues, rivers boating, treks, travel, money exchange, restaurant, bar, casinos, and bungee jumping. This varied landscape has some of the best sites for these activities, raging rivers to run, mountains to scale, clear blue skies, challenging treks, fine lakes and rivers to boat, fish and raft down, and a wild terrain to ride. Come be part of the experience. Mr.Kulendra Baral CEO Lazimpat,Kathmandu,Nepal
suv (nepal) - 19/03/2007 : hey i am nepali. i love nepal. do you love nepal. then come and see the beauty of this small country.
pulak das (bangladesh) - 09/04/2007 : nepal need some internatinal protection for improve the toreist place.
roshan (nepal) - 12/04/2007 : nepal is the most beutiful country inthe world. i m glad to leave here. but the plotics over here is makint it worse day by day.
amit (nepal) - 12/04/2007 : nepal wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
roshan (nepal/australia) - 05/06/2007 : nepal is the paradise of worldvisit nepal and develop nepal
malliaka (U.S.A) - 10/06/2007 : Nepal is a very beautiful unique in every way...i grew up there and still wish i was will enjoy that place.
Bijay (Nepal) - 20/02/2008 : Nepal is beautiful,esp rural areas n Himalayas but ppl don't rely on the photes n comments only,pollution and politics...these r tarnishing nepal's beauty...and the travel agents are embrassing nepalese by posting their advertisement in this forum.
bibek galami magar (United kingdom) - 28/02/2008 : Nepal is one of the most wonders of the world. It has absolutely beautiful scneries with mt. Everst and many visiting places. Its unique and famous for lord buddha and with different cultures and customes. It has panaromic views and one of the most beautiful place on earth.
tiful place on earth.
Nicolas (France) - 23/11/2015 : oui,bonjour.
Nicolas (France) - 23/11/2015 : Urbanisation refers to increasingly large numbers of people living in small places and basically engaged in non-agricultural activities, which depend on development of industrialisation, infrastructure within cities, towns and their neighbourhoods; urbanisation is considered as an indicator of modernisation. The economic system within a country generating migration opportunities to specific locations/regions is a refined input in urbanisation and urban growth as well. In ordinary language, 'urbanisation' has a dual meaning. Demographers, economists, statisticians, and geographers see urbanisation with specific views and tools in several ways. Demographers generally try to see urbanisation according to urban population, population in urban areas being counted as 'percent of total population'. Economists usually try to relate population growth, pattern of defined technology on the process of urbanisation. Statisticians try to relate production functions, growth rates of urban population. Geographers consider urbanisation in relation to distribution of urban spaces and see proportions and the growth of urban spaces and see proportions and the growth of urban population at different spacial contexts. But for the present purposes, urbanisation has been defined as the proportion of total population living in designated urban areas where urban growth refers to the net growth of population in designated urban areas.
Nicolas (France) - 23/11/2015 : Au-revoir.

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